Working with our nationalist allies

Battle flag and SN flag combined with full star in middleI am very happy that The League is now working with several other nationalist groups on the right. We have the same common enemy, and we agree on many points–political, economic, and social. We look forward to forging even stronger bonds within this alliance.

While we all have common ground as white men who are nationalists, we also celebrate our true diversity as men of the West, of historic Christendom. We in The League are based firmly and historically in our Southern, Christian inheritance. We are Southern nationalists. We are a distinct and peculiar people with a sublime and unique culture and civilization that stretches back over 400 years on this continent. Our ancestors had their own nation-state from 1861 to 1865, and we still are determined as their descendants to have that wonderful blessing once again for ourselves and our posterity.

Let each group in our nationalist alliance emphasize its own strengths and aspirations, all the while working together as friends and allies with other similar organizations. In this confederation is strength and the beautiful diversity of our common European inheritance. Hail victory! Hail Dixie!

Michael Hill