Why we fight

We Southern Nationalists fight because we love. We love the South. We love the abundant food it provides us. A wonderful place to live it gives us. A place where we are free to celebrate who we are and where our ancestors came from. We love our family and our friends. We love getting together and celebrating the good times, and remembering the bad times. We love our culture, our language, and our heroes from times past.

These things we love are being threatened. Threatened by a Federal government that mocks us. Mocks our people, our religion, our ancestors. Mocks our very way of life. We fight because we are fed up.  Fed up with being in a political union with a government whose ultimate goal is to exterminate us.

People from other States use the courts to have our monuments removed, our schools and streets renamed, our flags and symbols relocated to a dark corner of some obscure museum. We can not remain in a union with people who are so arrogant as to sue us because there is a statue of the 10 Commandments in front of a courthouse that is hundreds of miles from where these folks live. We do not force them to do things they do not wish to do. But they have nothing better to do than to force their ways on us.

We fight to ensure that our descendants in the decades and centuries to come will know Dixie as we have known her. Some Southern folk tell us to “wait” & “bide our time”. One day the tide will turn and the “South will rise again”. I say, you can not wait for tides to turn. We must BE the tide and push back against those forces of darkness that wish to annihilate us! I do not wait for the South to rise again because the South IS rising. We at the League of the South are making it happen. We go out onto the streets and tell people the good news. Show them that there is an alternative to living in this godless union with people who hate us. That the solution the only solution, is secession. A free and independent South!