Why I’m not an American (re-post)

LS button image July 2014(A reader asked me to re-post this article, originally posted in February. He said he had made copies to hand out to friends and associates and that most really liked what they read. So here it is once again.)

LS button image July 2014I haven’t been feeling too “American” lately. Let me explain why. I was born in 1951, only six short years after America completed the task of making half of Europe and much of the world safe for Communism. Since that time, some 64 years, America has continued to clear the path for that alien ideology by becoming the biggest and most influential promoter of Political Correctness, or what ought to be called Cultural Marxism. This is not my ancestors’ country.

The American Empire, which destroyed my South over the course of a century (the 1860s to the 1960s), has moved on to destroying bigger things–the rest of the world. Now, I’m very much aware that many of you will say, “But America has always been a force for good in the world, defeating tyranny and spreading democracy everywhere!” But reality tells a different story.

America stands for the projection of raw power for its own benefit. It does not propagate the Christian gospel nor does it seek to preserve traditional nations and cultures, especially those of the white Western world that used to be known proudly as Christendom. No, America is a destroyer of true nations and traditions, all in the name of “progress.” American is, in reality, a huge experiment in Enlightenment liberalism gone completely haywire.

As a traditional Christian Southerner, I want no part of “America.” I’m not talking about a particular piece of land in the western hemisphere; rather, I am talking about an idea, a proposition, a regime, a way of life. I am a Southerner, an old-fashioned Christian. The status of “American” is my antithesis.

Now before you tell me to “Love it or leave it” and pack up and move somewhere else, let me explain. The South, Alabama in particular, is my home. It is also a captive colony of this American monstrosity. Yes, many of our citizens have, wittingly or unwittingly, embraced Americanism for either survival or profit. I have not, and I intend to convince my fellow Southerners to join my side. I do not intend to leave Alabama or the South. Nor do I intend to leave them in the clutches of America. I intend to fight, and if necessary kill and die, for their survival, well-being, and independence.

I intend to use this website and other means at The League’s disposal to point out why the South cannot and must not remain under America’s control. Permit me to start with this stark example.

In recent days, the US federal courts have struck down my State’s Defense of Marriage amendment, which was supported by over 80% of my fellow citizens. One federal district judge in Mobile, Alabama, thus overturned the will of the great majority of the citizens of my State. My point is simply this: when the federal courts can make a ruling–any ruling–and overturn the will of the people, then something is terribly wrong. But it’s even worse when an unacceptable worldview is forced on us by this institution.

Let’s break this matter down a little further. The US Supreme Court, which is likely to make a blanket ruling this summer on the “gay marriage” issue, exerts tremendous influence over what is lawful and what is not in America. Nine black-robed oligarchs call the shots for an empire of over 300 million souls. It would seem only fair that these “justices” represent the people for whom they adjudicate. But do they?

Not really. You see, of the nine justices, only one was born in the South–Clarence Thomas, the sole black on the court, was born in Georgia. Of the other eight, two (Stephen Breyer and Anthony Kennedy) were born in California, two in New Jersey (Samuel Alito and Antonin Scalia), and four in New York (Chief Justice John Roberts, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor). Please note: there is not a single white Southerner, male or female, on the entire court.

Moreover, from a religious standpoint the court breaks down as follows: six Roman Catholics (Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas, and Sotomayor) and three Jews (Breyer, Ginsburg, and Kagan). There are no Protestants on the court.

Here is the breakdown from where the justices took their law degrees: Roberts (Harvard); Alito (Princeton); Breyer (Harvard); Ginsburg (Columbia); Kennedy (Harvard); Scalia (Harvard); Thomas (Yale); Kagan (Harvard); and Sotomayor (Yale). Now that’s some real diversity!

I don’t think I need say anymore on this matter.

Michael Hill