“Why do you hate America?”

Whore of BabylonFrom time to time, folks who read my pro-secession, pro-Southern independence essays and articles and hear my speeches will send me a sincere private query that can properly be summed up as such: “Why do you hate America?”

My short answer is always pretty much this: “I don’t hate America. In fact, I love America. My home State of Alabama is part of America. Why would I hate America? But I do have great misgivings about our governing system and the people who are (and have long been) abusing it. And I would like to see Alabama and the rest of the South get out from under this corrupt system before it all sinks beneath the proverbial waves.”

But allow me to elaborate a bit. What these folks are calling “America” was an experiment in “liberty” brought to fruition by what are commonly called our Founding Fathers over two-hundred years ago. We were given a republic, if we could keep it. However, not all influential Americans at the time were supportive of the experiment and the constitution that provided its foundation. Patrick Henry of Virginia was one of many Southern skeptics who warned his fellow countrymen of placing too much trust in Yankees. Mr. Jefferson and other fellow republicans (please notice the lower case “r”—they had nothing to do with the later Party of Lincoln) echoed the sentiment and warned that the States and their citizens must have protection from the perils of a consolidated national government, hence the Bill of Rights (which, in truth, has not been much help).

Well, the experiment of the late eighteenth century ended in 1860-61 when South Carolina and several other Deep South States thought it best to leave it and start another one of their own designs. But the new Republican (please notice the upper case “R”—they had nothing to do with the Jeffersonian republicans of an earlier era) Party administration of Abe Lincoln would have none of it; his threat to raise troops and force the wayward Southern sister States back into this voluntary union caused several other upper South States to join the CSA experiment. At the point, the “Union” army—which in reality was the U.S. Army (Southern men, don’t forget this when you consider enlisting)—invaded, and after four years of terrorizing the South with overwhelming force (including lots of European mercenaries and Socialists) they forced the South’s armies to surrender.

The old, supposedly voluntary, union of the Founders was no more by mid-1865. The dire warnings of Mr. Henry and others had indeed come to pass. Lincoln and the GOP had overturned the work of a previous generation, and the defeated Southern States were forced back into the new, involuntary creation. Once rich and politically influential, the South, albeit a new and reconstructed version, was to be poor and politically disenfranchised for decades to come. As the Rev. Robert L. Dabney, a Presbyterian minister and officer under Stonewall Jackson, told the victorious Yankees (and I paraphrase): “You won. Now the responsibility for the country’s future is in your hands alone. We of the South are poor and weak. We can be of no effect in this matter.”

Dabney probably knew the Yankees, in their great power axis from Washington to New York to Boston, would blow it. And he was right. The corruption we see today on the Potomac and Wall Street was kicked into high gear by the U.S. Grant administration. Subsequently, we got the following: an empire (the Yanks were just practicing on Dixie), a Federal Reserve system, an Income Tax, the 17th Amendment (which practically destroyed what was left of the 10th ), two World Wars, taken off the gold standard, a Great Depression, another invasion of the South through the civil rights movement (what we Southerners rightly call the Second Reconstruction), the moral rot of the 1960s, sunk up to the neck in the Middle East, three clueless Baby Boomer Presidents (Bill, George, and Barry), the USA Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security, a police/surveillance State, and now bankrupted by the Banksters and their political whores in Congress. And I’m supposed to cheer all this on by singing the National Anthem, saluting the Stars and Stripes, and saying the Pledge of Allegiance? No thanks, I’ll pass.

You see, the men I admire, from Patrick Henry and John Randolph of Roanoke, through the fire eaters Robert Barnwell Rhett and William Lowndes Yancey, to Robert E. Lee and Rev. Dabney, knew that this American experiment, if it were to work, had to be an agreement held sacred among principled and virtuous men. And they knew the character of the Yankee (and I’m not talking about righteous Northern Copperheads who supported the South). And that bad character has not changed one iota since the Late Unpleasantness of 150 years ago. But in the bargain, many Southerners have thrown over the principles of their ancestors and have joined in the looting and pillaging. If you can’t beat the Yanks, then join them. I’ll pass on this, too, thank you very much.

The result of all this is that the U.S. government has become an organized criminal enterprise. Let that phrase sink in for a minute. If you still don’t believe it, then just pay attention for a little while; it’ll come to you.

Coming as I do from the old Southern traditionalist/conservative position of Henry, Jefferson, John C. Calhoun, Randolph of Roanoke, John Taylor of Caroline, Rhett, Yancey, et al, I cannot and will not give my allegiance to a counterfeit. I will not confuse true patriotism with the chauvinistic nationalism that cheers “puttin’ a boot up the ass” of the enemy de jour of the American empire. I will not keep quiet while all that my ancestors sweated, bled, and died to give me as an inheritance is stolen away by an alien people with an alien ideology. I will not keep quiet while my motherland—Alabama and the South—can still be saved from the clutches of a predatory ruling elite. And as a Southern nationalist and patriot, I will fight every day of my life to save her as long as God gives me the strength and resources to do so.

And this is why I don’t hate America (at least the real America).

Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama


  1. Brother Hill: I have long supported the L.S. in prayer and membership as well as possible, considering financial limitations. But certainly in Prayer for You and all the league. You are now speaking in the language of my Dad and many other old men of back in the late forties, and fifties, that even as a young boy can still recall. They are all gone now but their words still live. It was about speaking the truth, and as you know it is no more appreciated then than it is now. It’s not even about hate of an enemy, but recognizing an evil that is to destroy you and yours, and doing want is necessary to save yourself and your people. There is a war that has been going on from the time of Adam and Eve, and rages today. And you know it as well as I, Righteousness over evil. Righteousness is always truth and evil is always lies, as it was in the beginning with Adam and Eve. But the time is fast approaching that the Empire will use it’s many Federal agencies and it’s military might to silence or eradicate what they will call home grown terrorist. That means Me, You, and all them like us. Thank You and all them that support the League, may God Give Y’all guidance and the Spirit of discernment, even by revelation. John Williams: (Olcorps) Deo Vindici

  2. For years, I always felt that Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest Presidents of the United States. However, I started reading Thomas E. Woods and Thomas Di Lorenzo, which led me to the League of the South. Now, I realize that good ol’ Abe was not so great after all and as I once read, I believe it was possibly a League of the South piece, had Congress stopped Lincoln, then that low-life, Communist, Franklin Delano Roosevelt would not have even been President nor would have he tinkered with the Constitution of the United States. Of course, Roosevelt and those that have followed him, especially Lyndon Baines Johnson, whom I have dubbed Lyin’ Bastard Johnson, would never have been President either.

  3. An excellent article that represents the prevailing sentiments of Southern Nationalist. Most patriotic Southerners are in a mind controlled state of double mindedness. They are waking up thanks to the heroic efforts of yourself and all of us in The League. As the empire fails the citizenry will be looking for alternative ideas. We are honing and polishing that message. The empire has made a mistake in pressing the reprobate agenda. The (501c) church will fail at resisting that and the Republicans will fold accordingly. We are the last bastion of Anglo-Celtic Christian thought. WE are the resistance, WE are the solution and WE MOVE FORWARD!

    1. Lee ought not to have deefend’d Ole Virginnee, but have concern’d himself with burnin’ Wall Street and campin’ out on The Boston Common. Thats why I say hopefully we aynt waitin fer the empire to fall’ … cuz they can print monee till hell freezes over. Nope, forgit bout no dang resistance and Yanks, period. Jus lits go head an git our folk to ryght-thinkin, so thet whin the tyme iz ryght things jus fall into place.

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