Whom will you serve?

This June the US Supreme Court will likely declare same-sex “marriage” to be a constitutional right. At that point, government will have the whip hand over Christians and their institutions, including 501(c)3 tax-exempt churches. The government will use that whip mercilessly.

LS Little Rock demo 4 couplesRecently, I have seen some articles from on-line Christian sites warning of the coming trials and tribulations for their flocks. In sum, here is the step-by-step method being used by the Cultural Marxists against Christianity: 1) marginalization; 2) caricaturization (poking fun at); 3) vilification; 4) criminalization; and 5) elimination.

Since we Southerners are mainly Christians and inhabit the “Bible Belt,” we had better pay heed to these matters. At present, I’d say we are in the beginning stages of phase 4. Certain acts, including acting and speaking against the sodomite agenda, are being prosecuted by criminal statutes. Other things, including the voicing of certain opinions from the pulpit, are being consider for criminalization.

What happens when, say, a sodomite “couple” asks to join a conservative, evangelical Southern church? In good conscience, and according to Scripture and church protocol, the elders of said church would deny membership to self-proclaimed sodomites. Then, the game would be on. A lawsuit would quickly follow and the church in question would have two options: 1) admit the sodomite “couple” and become immediately apostate; or 2) refuse and be financially ruined or completely shut down. It would not be out of the question for the sodomites to be awarded the actual church facilities as a punitive (in the true sense of the word) judgment.

As you can see, the church–as a church–has no good option at all. Well, there is a third option, physical resistance, but in 2015 most American churches do not have the caliber of men to do this effectively.

So, when the court makes its ruling, expect to see phases four and five of this Cultural Marxist scheme put into hard effect. Then the ball will be in the Christian court. Will Christians acquit themselves like men? Or will they act like the proverbial mouse?

As for me and my house, we shall serve Yahweh, the Lord of Hosts.

Michael Hill