White/Southern nationalism: an observation

LS Michael Hill close up Livingston Tenn Aug 2018The globalist elite outcry over the New Zealand mosque shootings by a “White nationalist” is not only predictable but, sadly for them, alarmingly ineffective. Gauging by the responses from “normal” Whites on social media and elsewhere, the globalists’ hypocritical game of “blame Whitey” and absolve those who are invading his countries is wearing thin. Moreover, the globalists exhibit a selective outrage that commonly ignores crimes committed against Christians–including mass murder–by radical non-Christians.

This anti-White, anti-Christian hatred is in part the work of international Jewry, whose desire to destroy White countries from within (feminism, porn, homosexuality, hate crime legislation, etc.) and from without (massive Third World immigration and the promotion of global White Guilt) is now openly flaunted.

Whites would do well to recognize that these are not acts of random “terror,” as they are portrayed by the Elite Media. Rather, they are ongoing skirmishes and battles in a war against White, Christian civilization and the people it has produced over the centuries. But when we strike back, it is called “terrorism,” and White nationalism is presented as the supreme evil.

But we know the truth: White (or in our particular case, Southern) nationalism is the only real solution for our survival as a distinct people and civilization. This is why it is hated and reviled so by the international Jew and his non-White allies. It is their poison.

Toughen yourselves, up, White Man and Woman. And I mean psychologically as well as physically. Fight back against the lies and anti-White propaganda that have paralyzed far too many of our Folk. See clearly that when a certain group of people want to populate your lands with those whose culture, religion, and race/ethnicity are different from yours, that they mean you only harm and destruction. Understand that the desire to disarm you is nothing more than preparing you and yours for the anticipated slaughter. Know that you are going to have to fight in the end to prevent your own dispossession. Resolve right now, at the very moment, that you will fight with all your have to survive and prosper, for yourselves and for your posterity.

The children of the devil work in darkness to subvert the children of the light. Don’t be fooled by the lies of the minions of The Father of Lies. Stand firm for your people, speak–and believe–the truth. Prepare yourselves to be as hard as steel and mad-dog mean. Reserve your sympathies and kindnesses for your own. For those who seek your destruction, meet them with the determination to take them to their last ditch and wade knee deep in their blood. By their deeds and actions, which have been bloodier by several degrees than ours against them thus far, you know this is exactly what they have in mind for us as White Men and Women of the West. Remember the Motto of the Scot: “No one wounds me with impunity.” Give sharp teeth to those words.

Michael Hill