White Supremacy . . . or Jew Supremacy?

On 14 June, Reuters reported that the Biden-Harris administration is moving forward with a Department of Justice task force to tackle the problem of White Supremacy/Nationalism. According to US Attorney General Merrick Garland: “In the FBI’s view, the top domestic violent extremist threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocated for the superiority of the white race.”

Back in 2019, I wrote a series of articles entitled “The New Red Terror,” in which I laid out the progress of the coming Neo-Bolshevik (communist) revolution in America. Like their Bolshevik forebears a hundred years ago in Czarist Russia, these Neo-Bolsheviks have seized control of their host government, this time through a techno-political coup d’etat: the fraudulent 2020 election. The Bolsheviks in 1918 moved quickly to pass laws to criminalize any resistance or even dissent against the new illicit regime. In fact, to keep Russians from getting to the heart of the trouble they had on their hands, the communist made “antisemitism” a crime punishable by death.

Now, a century later, it appears that the Neo-Bolsheviks are using the DOJ/FBI and other elements of the System they have hi-jacked to criminalize opposition from the source they fear most: Whites who speak and act in their own defense. The stock of the Founders and of those who opened up this continent to European civilization. So they begin this power play by deeming “White Supremacy” as the biggest domestic terror threat.

If this wasn’t so serious it would be laughable. And perhaps our first reaction ought to be laughter anyhow, followed by ridicule. Anyone with half sense can see that the US government’s own crime statistics, year after year, show the same thing: Whites, even though they are a majority of about 62% at present, commit far fewer crimes of violence against blacks and other so-called “people-of-color” than vice-versa. And everybody knows this without having to look at the stats! Because we can circumvent the mainstream, elite media via the internet (at least for now), we have access to real news that shows positive proof that Whites are assaulted and murdered by non-Whites at an increasingly alarming rate. Black crime, especially, has made our American cities effectively “no go zones” for Whites, and the criminality is now spilling over into affluent White suburbs such as Buckhead in Atlanta. This trend will increase simply because that’s what the Neo-Bolsheviks want. They push what the late Dr. Samuel Francis called Anarcho-Tyranny. The powers-that-be tolerate, even encourage, Antifa and BLM street violence, for example, but criminalize any White response in defense of life or property.

If we had a legitimate government that ruled in the interest of the posterity of the Founders of America, the Attorney General and the FBI would be honest and tell us that, according to the facts, black-on-White violent crime is the biggest domestic threat we face, at least on the mean streets of the USA. And perhaps they would also include Muslim violence against our native population.

But facts and truth don’t matter to the Neo-Bolsheviks. All that matters is power. And power is always first exercised by their ilk to get rid of any opposition to their crimes and their criminal regime. This is the old playbook, and the new communist tyrants are following it, step by step.

We are told that White Privilege is the handmaid of White Supremacy/Nationalism. Therefore, Whites are demonized not only for having that supposed privilege but for exercising it for their own benefit and to the detriment of non-Whites. In 2021 America, there is no greater sin than being born White and actually striving for your own self-interests. But anyone who doesn’t do this very natural thing of loving their own blood and soil more than they love some abstract definition of humanity will not be around for long. History proves that fact. So by being selfless and meek in the face of aggression from non-Whites, including the Jews who have infiltrated the top of virtually every American (and European) institution, Whites are forced into committing racial suicide.

The first step towards that demonic goal is to dispossess Whites in their own countries by demographic changes via immigration, political subterfuge via electoral manipulation and outright fraud, and then via the criminalization of dissent in any form as “racism,” “antisemitism,” or some other form of “hate crime.”

The main criterion for determining a perilous threat to a society ought to be a factual assessment of what actually endangers the historic core of the nation-state in question. And since Whites are still the historic–and for now, the numerical–core of the American nation-state, they should be the filter through which this information is put. And the resultant danger would not be White Supremacy/Nationalism; rather it would be Jew Supremacy, the practical exercise of which includes the use of non-White street violence against Whites. But the current filter being used to determine what is good or dangerous for America is this simple question: Is it good for, or dangerous to, the Jews and their worldview? The White viewpoint no longer counts.

The fact that Whites no longer control large parts of the US government, including the DOJ/FBI, State Department, CIA, and other agencies, as well as the media, academia, banking, international business, Hollywood, Wall Street, et al. puts the lie to the prevalence of a White Supremacy danger to America. The simple fact is that White folks went to sleep, ceased to be vigilant about their freedom, deserted their God, and bought into a lie based on a false historical/theological narrative from the Jews, and in the process lost their country. Now, they are beginning to awaken to the cold, hard facts: they are on the verge of being made either slaves or outlaws in the country their ancestors founded and left for them to enjoy and pass on, generation to generation. America as a haven for Whites has been stolen. If we try to get it back, we will be treated as common criminals and outlaws.

It is past time that White Americans, including especially us Southerners who are descended from men like Washington, Henry, Jefferson, Lee, Davis, and Forrest, stand up and throw off any further attempts to steal our inheritance. We begin by refusing to bow the knee to this current set of tyrants, these illegitimate usurpers. Refuse to consent to being a participant in your own racial destruction. Abjure the realm, that is, refuse to participate as much as possible in their corrupt system. Hone your skills, get to know your neighbors, and tell them the truth. Make your household and your community as safe as possible against the intrusions of this demonic enemy. Pray to our God for forgiveness that we ever let things get this bad in the first place and then ask Him to be our God once more, and we His people. Then let us arise, using the power and resources He has graciously given us, and set things straight for the benefit of ourselves and our posterity.

Michael Hill, Killen, Alabama, 15 June 2021