White “supremacy,” “nationalism” condemned by US House

16830587_1275785455838277_1537901576_nIn the wake of Iowa Congressman Steve King’s (R) words regarding White supremacy, White nationalism, and Western civilization in general, the US House of Representative on 15 January voted 424-1 to condemn King for daring to defend White interests. The lone vote against this disapproval resolution came from negro Bobby Rush (D) of Illinois, who said: “As with any animal that is rabid, Steve King should be set aside and isolated.” Rush wanted to censure King, a stricter measure.

Two question beg asking: Why do Whites pile on other Whites when they attempt to voice concern over the obvious anti-White campaign that especially condemns White men for every historical “crime” against non-Whites? Why is Jewish or black supremacy/nationalism, which is advocated openly and without controversy, given a pass and anything that might be beneficial to Whites treated as intolerable? Isn’t this a hypocritical double standard?

Let me make something clear. White supremacy is a fact, not an ideology. Whites without doubt have created the most advanced civilizations the world has ever seen, and that is beyond reasonable argument. In other words, White civilization is indeed “supreme” over all others. This is the cold, hard fact of White supremacy. Why else do non-Whites flock to the West? They know they cannot match what Whites have done, despite being in possession of the requisite resources to do so themselves (if only they had the knowledge and skills). So they are encouraged to come to our countries to feed off our labor and productivity. This is neither morally right nor sustainable. We are being overwhelmed by a non-White demographic flood.

White nationalism is merely the recognition that Whites are a distinct racial group, with many subdivisions, that deserves to have particular homelands for themselves alone. Moreover, they must be able to safely enjoy the fruits of their own labor and ingenuity, without being forced to share them with less-productive non-Whites. The is the cold, hard fact of White nationalism. If Israel can be a Jewish ethnostate, then why can’t the US (and other White countries) be the same for Whites? Is Jewish nationalism acceptable but White nationalism is not? And who gets to decide?

That a defense of White interests elicits such hysterical responses from Jews, blacks, and other non-Whites should not surprise us. It is an effective weapon they use against us, White Guilt. But for fellow Whites to condemn the rather innocuous comments of Rep. King is puzzling. In the end, these Whites who are so quick to aid non-Whites against fellow Whites will learn a hard lesson: that what is damned today as White supremacy and nationalism will one day, sooner or later, be the de facto temporal savior of the White race. Only when Whites, currently about 8-10% of the world’s population (down from 30% in 1900), understand how deeply they are envied and resented–hated even–by non-Whites will they realize the crisis they face is truly an existential one. If the growing list of current anti-White violent incidents (see South Africa, for instance) is any indication, Whites, when they become minorities in the countries created for them by their ancestors, will not be afforded the same sort of minority rights and protections they have so generously granted to non-White “minorities” (including Jews).

We in The League of the South have understood this matter correctly for years. That’s why leftist groups like the ADL, SPLC, and NAACP have called us all sorts of names. But we don’t play the White Guilt game. And other Whites should not either. Rather, all of us should muster the courage of our brave and noble ancestors who created and sustained Western civilization and gave it to us, their posterity. Let us make our countries White Man’s Land again, and then pass them on proudly to our children and grandchildren. What an inheritance that would be!

I have heard some well-meaning supporters of Rep. King say he did nothing wrong. I beg to differ. By voting for his own condemnation–yes, his was one of the 424 “yes” votes–he displayed craven cowardice by grovelling at the feet of his non-White accusers in the media, Congress, and elsewhere. Instead, he should have told them all to go straight to hell. Had I been in his place, I would have done just that. His mea culpas–and those of all the White Congressmen who condemned him–did nothing but confirm weakness in the face of the enemy. And they took note. This is not how your race survives in a hostile, competitive world in which they are already a dwindling minority.

Michael Hill