Where we agree with the Left

battleflThis morning I happened on a “conservative” radio talk show where the host and guest (and I have no idea who either was) were lamenting the fact that “liberals” wanted to divide everyone on the basis of race, class, sexual orientation, etc., etc. Instead, these men argued, we all should put aside such distinctions and be “good Americans.” After all, when a man–no matter where he’s from or what his background is–comes to America and accepts certain propositions, then he becomes an American. And, again, a “good American” will recognize no divisive distinctions.

We Southern nationalists in The League must disagree with these “conservatives.” There are natural distinctions among different groups of humans that simply cannot be swept under the rug, as it were. Yes, the Left does divide humanity up into groups, both favored and damned from their perspective. And so do we.

We and the Left understand that history is replete with struggles between and among these people groups. To us, it is the natural course of black-hearted men in a fallen world trying to overcome their own sinful natures, destroy evil, and regain Eden; to the Left it is a set of external (to man) problems to be solved by Progress which involves the manufacturing of rights and their application through activist governments to favored groups. Such things cannot be papered over and ignored, as “conservatives” are wont to do. Different peoples and cultures with radically different belief systems cannot co-exist in “equality” within the same geographical area. One will dominate and eventually dispossess and destroy the other. No silly propositions can overcome this reality.

The Left takes this struggle seriously enough to see if for what it is: their side vs. ours. And no quarter shall be given nor none asked. That’s the way we Southern nationalists (and all nationalists) see it as well. It’s either us or them who succeeds in controlling this piece of Creation; we cannot live together simply because we have opposing belief systems that will not allow for compromise.

But Pollyanna “conservatism” continues to live in a fairyland world that never was and never will be. That is why they are, and really always have been, irrelevant.

So as odd as it may seem, we do have something in common with the Left. However, we have nothing in common with mainstream GOP “conservatism.” May it fade away as the lukewarm entity it is and in the process clear the decks for the battle between real enemies in the 21st century. Then we can truly begin to solve the issue, one way or another.

Michael Hill

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  1. Another excellent article, light-years away from stupid ‘conservatism’ that ‘conserves’ nothing of value! Thank you. As a recovering conservative, I can tell you that this kind of intellectual ‘combat’ against the enemies of all we Southerners hold dear is very refreshing. Scalawags and Carpetbaggers need to see the light, or move on out of Dixie! Deo Vindice!

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