What’s good for the goose . . .

Me at national conference 2 July 2015It is no secret that many Latino/Latina (mostly Mestizos) judges, mayors, law enforcement officials, and politicians in general are members of organizations such as La Raza (the Race). And they have no problem letting everyone know that fact. The media, rather than criticizing, praises them for standing up for their people. The same applies to black officials who are members of the NAACP, etc.

Of course, the same support and encouragement is not given to white officials who belong to pro-white organizations. If fact, what those men and women receive is condemnation and abuse. There is a clear double standard at work here.

In normal times, most whites who are aware of this double standard merely shrug it off as “one of those things” about the modern world. But these are not normal times. When Latino police chiefs, mayors, and other local officials permit Mexican thugs to assault white people with virtual impunity (as reportedly happened at a recent Donald Trump rally in California), then the game has indeed changed.

The League of the South is calling on all “conservative,” traditionalist Christian officials on the State and local levels all across the South to become members of our organization and proudly proclaim that membership. Two can play this game, and in the current climate of anti-white violence, it is necessary for our folks to band together under the protection of these lesser magistrates.

This summer and fall, up to and after the Presidential election, likely will see an increase in anti-white violence. We in the South intend to protect ourselves and our property from left-wing thugs and those who fund and direct them. We call on our officials, the lesser magistrates, to muster the courage and commitment to defend those whom they have a moral obligation to defend–their families, friends, and neighbors, mainly their own kith and kin. Otherwise, it will be our obligation to replace you with those who will.

Michael Hill

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  1. League membership should be culturally acceptable even in this insane age of double standards and hypocrisy. Anything less should be grounds for a lawsuit. Membership with good folks who pray before events and who are not ashamed to be the way God created them. We have the moral high ground!

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