What was World War Two really about?

Churchill, FDR, and Stalin May 2016As a historian, I find myself speculating from time to time on the question of “what if?” For example, what if the South had won its war for independence in the 1860s? Would there have been a World War One, and without that war would there have been a World War Two? Sure, there might have been a conflict in Europe in the first half of the 20th century but without the participation of a strong United States–the so-called “Arsenal of Democracy”–it would not have reached the level of a “world war.” But all this of course is mere speculation. Sadly, we know what tragedy overtook the Christian West from 1914 to 1945. Moreover, if we know our history we will understand why the world is as it is today because of the outcomes of those terrible conflicts.

But the problem is that most of us don’t know our history. I believe it is true that the victors write the history of wars and their aftermaths, and the world wars of the last century are no exceptions to that general rule. As men of the West, our misunderstanding of World War Two, in particular, has colored our view of the world in stark black and white. There has been no room for gray. Please allow me to explain.

Americans often refer to World War Two as “the Good War” fought by the “Greatest Generation.” The US and its allies–Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union–are cast as the “good guys” while Germany, Italy, and Japan (the Axis powers) are portrayed as evil incarnate. The condemnation of Hitler’s German is particularly strong. In fact, I would bet that many westerners today would rank Hitler ahead of Judas Iscariot and Satan himself on the the list of evil doers!

This is the standard depiction of World War Two from the so-called “winners” point of view. But is it true? Was this really a “good war from the perspective of the Christian West? The course of events over the past seven decades would suggest otherwise.

Most of the actual land fighting in WWII took place on the Eastern Front between Germany and the Soviet Union. There is no way the USSR could have defeated Germany without support from their western democratic allies. But this was not as much a conflict between Germans and ethnic Russians as it was a war between Germany and International Jewry. Of course, the Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent Soviet governments were largely run by Jews (see earlier History Lessons). In other words, the former Czarist Russia had been taken over to be used as base of operations for worldwide Jewish interests via the spread of Communism into the rest of Europe (and eventually the world). Communism is a Jewish ideology and survival strategy.

Powerful Jewish interests in both the US and Great Britain used their influence, especially in finance and media, to draw both those countries into war against Germany on the side of the Soviet Union. Thus, when confronted with a dreaded two-front war against such strong enemies Germany was virtually doomed to defeat.

Most Americans likely believe that the defeat of Germany in 1945 was a good thing. But, upon closer observation, it can be seen as an unmitigated disaster for Western Christian civilization. Germany has been the heart of the old Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne, and, it can be argued, the birthplace of European civilization after the fall of Rome. When Great Britain, and especially the US, allied with the Soviet Union to destroy Germany, they helped bring about what future historians (if they are honest) will correctly term “the suicide of the West.”

Historian David Irving has conducted a lifetime of research which shows clearly that Hitler did not want war with the Western democracies, especially Great Britain and the US. Hitler understood that the war Germany would be forced to eventually fight would be in the east against the forces of Jewish Bolshevism. Already, through the actions of the Communist International (Comintern) in Moscow, the Bolsheviks had attempt to spread their terror throughout Europe at the end of World War One. Moreover, worldwide Jewish financial interests had declared economic war on Germany as early as 1933. Germany stood as the bulwark between the Christian West and Jewish Communists.

Author Benton L. Bradberry in “The Myth of German Villainy” sums it up nicely: “The consequences of the war were immense. Two thousand years of accumulated art, architecture, culture, and science went up in smoke as the heart and soul of Europe was gutted by the war. The European economy was bankrupted. Survivors of the war were starving to death in the millions. The British Empire crumbled. Half of what was left of Europe fell under the control of the Jewish Communist Soviet Union. A long Cold War between East and West then ensued. As a result of the war, Western Civilization’s path was changed from one of limitless possibilities to one of inexorable decline.”

Decline indeed. We see it all around us today, and it was brought about in large part by the outcome of of WWII and its aftermath. In 1900, whites made up nearly 30% of the world’s population, and our race dominated the globe in every respect. World War One was a heavy blow to Europe, but not one from which she could not recover. But WWII looks to have sealed the fate of Western Christendom unless a miracle occurs.

Today, Europeans and their descendants around the world make up no more than 10% of the globe’s population. A dying civilization does not have the confidence to reproduce itself, thus causing it to decline even further. It is not out of the question to say that we, as the white race, face eventual extinction unless we do something to halt this process. The very fact that we stand inactive in the face of a Third World immigration/”refugee” invasion attests to the fact that we have lost our will to survive.

Many of the problems we face as a people stem from the paralyzing phenomenon known as “White Guilt,” and this very effective propaganda ploy is a direct result of WWII. In short, since Hitler wanted to defeat Jewish Bolshevism and save the West from destruction, if you want to do anything resembling that, then you are just like Hitler. In other words, if you are a nationalist (having a desire to serve your own people and their best interests) and oppose in any way what is today called “liberalism” or “progressivism,” then you are an anti-Semite, racist, xenophobe, homophobe, sexist “whowantstokillsixmillionJews!” This means if you try to defend yourself against the leftist onslaught, then you will be deemed a non-person deserving of destruction. And it can be over a matter as simple as protesting trans-sexual “men” using a women’s restroom. You see who lines up to oppose you on this matter–nearly every “respectable” big business, sports stars, entertainment personalities, and others of the Establishment. They march in lock-step to carry out the Jewish Communist agenda.

This one very small (and recent) example is part of a much bigger picture that exists because of the outcome of WWII. The Christian West did not win that war. By helping defeat a fellow Western power, it made sure that the coming age was safe for the rise and triumph of Jewish Communism. The evidence of this is irrefutable. And by the way, the headquarters of this devilish scourge has since moved from Russia (which it sucked dry) to the United States. That will be a later lesson.

Now, sadly, you see what the Greatest Generation fighting the Good War has wrought.

Michael Hill

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  1. As I have stated before, we are witnessing a historical irony …

    For five decades ( 1945 – 1991 ) the West was defending – or it was supposed to defend – Christianity and Western values against Soviet Communism.

    Today, the situation has changed ; The West – and the United States in particular – is promoting Cultural Marxism, and Russia is the main defender of Christianity.

    Hence the tons of negative propaganda by the Western media against Vladimir Putin, who is portrayed as “the new Hitler” and Russia as an “aggressor”.

    Noone seems to remember that NATO has established dozens of military bases along the Russian border – from the Baltic sea all the way to Japan – but we don’t see any Russian bases in Canada or Mexico….

    So, WHO is the aggressor ???

    It is the same old story with Hitler’s Germany repeated.

    Hitler was depicted as an aggressor for trying to unify and protect ethnic Germans in Sudetenland and Poland.

    Putin is depicted as an aggressor for trying to protect and support his fellow ethnic Russians in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

    He is also depicted as a “dictator” for forbidding all public promotion of homosexuality in Russia.

    Putin is also the only one who is actually DOING SOMETHING against ISIS, while the US is shaking hands with Turkey and Saudi Arabia ( = the main supporters and financers of ISIS ).

    Tons of negative propaganda are being directed also on Donald Trump for saying something even remotedly pro – Russian ( namely, the obvious fact that the US and Russia should cooperate against ISIS ).

    I am not saying that Putin is perfect, but the similarities of his case to Hitler’s are too obvious to be ignored.

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