What to make of Roy Moore’s defeat

LS button image July 2014Yesterday, liberal Democrat Doug Jones defeated conservative Republican Roy Moore by a razor thin margin (about 1% or some 13,000 votes) in Alabama’s special Senate election to fill the remainder of the term of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The result came as a big surprise to most everyone.

What are we to make of Judge Roy Moore’s defeat in one of the most traditional, conservative States?

First of all, never doubt the duplicity of the elite media. Moore was beset in the weeks leading up to yesterday’s vote by what they called “bimbo eruptions” during Bill Clinton’s tenure as President. After decades, women were coming out of the woodwork accusing Moore on all sorts of sexual mischief. And apparently it worked well enough to keep some suburban, moderate GOP women at home. Since the tactic worked, expect it to be repeated by the left against conservative candidates time and time again.

Second, despite what some on the Alt-Right claim, this was indeed a stinging defeat for the right in general. There is no benefit to be gained from denying it, covering it up, or downplaying it. It was a defeat, period. Defeat sometimes jars you out of complacency and makes you reassess your strategy and tactics. If we sweep Moore’s defeat under the rug, as it were, we are making a costly mistake. Rather, we need to learn from it.

Third, race matters. Blacks, Jews, and Third-Worlders in general vote as a bloc and in their own interests. Exit polls in Alabama showed that about 30% of Whites voted with minorities, and thus against the interests of their own racial group. Only Whites seem to be possessed by this sickness of suicidal altruism that turns them against those of their own kind, whom they call “white supremacists,” “racists,” and other epithets. That leaves 70% of Whites who didn’t vote Democratic; however, many of them apparently stayed home or did a write-in vote. If Whites are to protect their interests in a multicultural and multiracial empire, then they must learn to cooperate and vote en bloc. They did that for Trump but not for Moore.

Fourth, the GOP in Alabama is fractured between rural Christian traditionalists and urban and suburban “country club” Republicans. This class divide showed up yesterday, and it hurt Moore’s chances of victory.

Fifth, the GOP is really a useless mechanism for Southern nationalists. While Moore is like us in many way, he is still not an openly Southern/white nationalist and he does not actively support our independence from the Swamp in DC. We need our own institutions, and to do this we need our independence.

Sixth, the left is not going away, despite their defeats over the past year or so. They have plenty of money and other assets, and they have a burning hatred and revenge on their collective minds. For instance, it was reported that Doug Jones raked in more than ten times the “outside money” that Moore did, and much of this came from the two liberal coasts. Jews and their Goy Toys are literally coming South and subverting our culture and civilization through the political process. And they have been doing this since the middle of the last century. Moreover, those who assured a Jones victory have control over the elite media, the academy, the popular culture, and, apparently, the Deep State and all that that entails. To dismiss them as “defeated and demoralized” is foolhardy. Their end-game is the complete destruction of White hegemony over the lands and civilization won by the sweat and blood of our White ancestors and bequeathed to us, their posterity. To save those precious things, we must fight.

And seventh, we in The League and the broader White nationalist movement must work every day and in every facet of life to combat this ceaseless leftist onslaught. Prepare to fight them everywhere and in every way—legally, financially, culturally, morally, and physically—and don’t let a day go by without doing something to contribute to our struggle. Because indeed it is a struggle for our very lives and future. To lose this war is not an option.

Let the Jones win and Moore defeat remind you of this salient fact.

Michael Hill