We will not comply . . .

The League of the South will not comply with any local, state, or federal mandates, regulations, or laws regarding the wearing of masks, taking the so-called vaccine, or further lock downs. We are free men and women and will make our own health/medical decisions free from any political, social, or economic coercion. Any law that is passed, on whatever level, that forces anyone to medicate against his will for whatever reason will be considered null and void and thus will not be obeyed. Furthermore, any attempt to restrict our free movement or ability to engage in commerce because of the lack of a “vaccine passport” or other official papers will be viewed as an illegal and hostile action against the people.

Under no circumstances will we comply with mandates, orders, laws, or other demands or restrictions that run counter to our God-given and constitutionally-protected rights and duties as free men and women. Any attempt to force us to do so will be seen as rank tyranny and acted upon as such.

Michael Hill, Killen Alabama, August 2021