We Need State Sovereignty Commissions

For the last several decades the federal government’s agencies have been used as a political weapon rather than an arm of justice. Indeed, numerous federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security are outright unconstitutional. However, this we already know as Southern Nationalists. The real question is for now and in a Free South how do we men and women of the League intend to deal with federal powers who seek and do seek to undermine us?

After much deliberating, we believe it’s time especially in states like Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Texas to bring back a weapon Mississippians created in the 1950s. That being the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission. This is a now “infamous” organization created by the Mississippi state government in the 1950s to stop federal subversion and the “civil rights movement.” While unable to totally destroy the civil rights movement they were able to thwart and expose much of the shenanigans of these agitators in the state and in their sister states. This group supported Mississippians right to segregation which was indeed a God and Constitutional given right of ours and any peoples. The Commission went on to link and expose multiple links to Communist groups to the Civil rights activists which otherwise would have gone unknown in the South. Obviously today such a Commission goal wouldn’t be such as segregation is long dead, but it could serve the same goal of defending our states from subversion.

As stated in the beginning the federal government is unwilling to deal with Antifa and BLM. 2020 proved that they are perfectly willing to let these demonic leftists run wild. Thus, I believe the states of the South should each form their own commission specifically to monitor left wing radicals and even federal agencies in our state while we remain in the Union. Over the last few years alone we’ve seen federal agents and former ones being caught pushing people into acts of violence that they likely wouldn’t have committed otherwise. This sort of of entrapment schemes violate our people’s states’ rights and is totally out of the federal government’s jurisdiction and rights. A recent example of this is the alleged scheme to kidnap Michigan’s Democrat Governor. This alleged plot was done by a very small militia in Michigan however ongoing trial is showing the FBI had multiple informants as key members of the militia and were actively caught pushing these folks into the crazy idea of kidnapping the Governor. Then they decided to round up the group suspiciously close to the 2020 election. This sort of “cause and then capture” tactic of the FBI is nothing new, but it is now being used more and more on “right wing extremist” i.e., opponents of the Biden Regime.

The State Governments of the South for now are the only ones truly able, since federal agencies refuse to do so, to crush groups like Antifa.  Antifa and affiliated leftists are well known for stalking, doxing and even harming those they oppose, which is basically anyone who isn’t a woke leftist. A Sovereignty Commission could monitor and then arrest these freaks when they decide to leak and violate Southerners first amendment rights. Thus, safeguarding the rights of our state’s citizens where the federal government openly seeks to do undermine.

I’m sure many libertarians would oppose this on the grounds of “rights” of leftists but I 100% disagree with any of this sappy sentiment. Groups like Antifa have no regard for the constitution or the rights of anyone they disagree with. These people have no morals or love of freedom nor God. Thus, they aren’t true citizens of the South and thus are not entitled to the same liberties as us. In many cases Antifa are actually not even from our states as seen with recent Antifa activity in Atlanta which is being done by out of state jezebels. I do have hesitancy in implementing this in states like Georgia, Louisiana and North Carolina where Democrats could or do sit in the Governorships. I do think this was an original worry of Mississippians during the founding of the first Sovereignty Commission. However, once implemented the state agency never really was weaponized against true Mississippians only agitators trying to cause trouble. Obviously, this concern is valid in the above listed states thus until we can get solid Governors in those states, I agree that creating said agencies may not be the best solution.

I for one believe such a plank as endorsing and pushing for state sovereignty commissions should be done by state-by-state chapter case. In other words, League chapters like Florida and Alabama should be more inclined to adopt this than ones, at least for now, that are controlled by Democratic governors or state assemblies. This falls in line with our value of states’ rights and anti-centralization ideals that we share with our ancestors not just from the Antebellum days but those who helped form and run the original Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission like Governors Ross Barnett and James P Coleman. I fully believe many of our fellow Southerners who vote GOP out of fear for Democrat control would take well to the idea of actually having an organization to monitor and actively persecute Antifa and other radical left actors. Afterall considering the federal government is actively doing the same to anyone to the right of John McCain, I believe it’s about time our state governments begin cracking the whip on the vile anti-Southern anti-liberty left. It’s time to take the gloves off and begin using our own state’s power against the Anti-Southern left.

Written By Ambrose Cobb


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