Washinton Post calls Southern flag, cause “hateful,” “wicked.”

http://southernnationalist.com/blog/2014/08/07/wapos-robert-mccartney-southern-cause-wicked-hateful/3rd national unsurrendered banner


The writer, who identifies himself as ‘an incorrigibly pro-Yankee news columnist’, calls the Confederate flag ‘the emblem of a wicked purpose’. He laments that ‘the United States can’t ban the Rebel banner outright . . . .


  1. What’s more unfortunate is that Dixie doesn’t have sovereign authority to deport anti-south folks like him.

    1. With any luck, Mr. Cleburne … Mr. McCartney will keep up his rabble rousin’, and then, at W & L University they’ll dig up Robert E. Lee’s grave, and, maybe, even, ban our flag, in various parts … because, it is going to take these sort of things to rouse our apathetic countrymen.

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