Us vs. Them

Selma garbage 7 March 2015Over the past two years, The League has held several public demonstrations across the South, in big cities and small towns. Even though our numbers have been relatively small–from seventy-five down to half a dozen–we have always done one particular thing every time before we called it a day–clean up any mess we might have made in our demonstration area. And a good deal of the trash we picked up was put down by others not with The League. With us, this is not optional; it is mandatory. We want to set a good example by being proper stewards over the things for which we are responsible, and if we use an area it is going to be left cleaner than it was before we got there, God willing.

Now contrast our policy with the aftermath of the “civil rights” celebration on 7 March in Selma, Alabama, near the Edmund Pettus Bridge. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words . . . Just look to your right.

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  1. Funny thing is, is that it seems that for all the liberal hype and media promotionalism leading up to their commemoration of those events, maybe it’s me but I sensed a distinct lack of enthusiasm and energy among those who marked the events in Selma 50 years ago. Going through the motions. I think that the ‘African-American’ people are at a crossroads, and there is a sense out there that they just aren’t up to the challenge of the ‘civil rights era’ rhetoric, never were collectively. Only that the usual all-too-human suspects of pride, envy, and resentment would stand in the way of this generation’s voluntary reconciliation with White Southerners. As is often the case, the right thinking and work, the initiative towards a better way is going to have to come from our people.

    Again as always, a great article!

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