“Unacceptable Behaviour”

Me at national conference 2 July 2015The more I watch what is going on in Europe, including the UK, the more I’m convinced that the governments of many of the counties there have 1) either lost their senses completely or 2) have fallen into the hands of a power whose goal is the destruction of the host people. I think in most cases, it is the latter.

One example is the UK’s “Unacceptable Behaviour Policy (UBP),” rigorously and dogmatically enforced by the Home Office (comparable to the USA regime’s DHS). Sounds like something to deal with unruly children, doesn’t it? Perhaps that’s how the UK sees its native subjects these days.

While claiming to be dedicated to combating and eradicating “extremism” (including what might be preached in sermons) in all its forms in the UK, the Home Office’s UBP is notoriously lenient on violent Muslims and corresponding hard on whites on the political right (who are usually referred to as “neo-Nazis”). If you oppose the leftist agenda of unlimited Third World immigration, support for sodomites and other perverts, or the unimpeachable Goddess of Equality, then you qualify as a neo-Nazi extremist and will be dealt with accordingly.

If you think the USA is immune to such, then you’d better think again. This Orwellian policy will be fully established in the USA in time. That is the ultimate goal of what I like to call simply The Agenda. And the wrath of it will fall hardest on the traditional South, largely because we have shown the most resistance and because we are mainly still Christian.

Southerner, you have two choices: 1) you can ignore this at your peril and have it shoved down your throat; or 2) you can prepare for the coming fight and defeat The Agenda. For if you don’t defeat it, it will destroy you and the South you love.

Michael Hill


  1. Thank you for your reply.

    What do you think about the idea of joining with those on the left and in the other regions, to organize a massive general population strike?; to refuse to work and to march in the streets, in our tens of millions, until, just as did in the Soviet Union or in many other countries, in recent decades, the tyrannical government either wilts or comes tumbling down?

    The idea is new to me, so I have not yet thought of what central point the strike would gather and rally. Maybe you could water the idea a little, and, after adding your own particular genius to it, could pass it along to the people in your acquaintanceship most likely to promote it.

  2. Sir,
    Raised as a progressive, I stayed that way until the late Bush/early Obama era, when the increasingly anti-constitutional & totalitarian nature of the government shook my faith in the institution I had once served in the 3rd and 4th divisions.

    Since then, I have ‘rethunk’ myself and realize that, though The South of my, and your, childhood is largely gone, there still is enough of it left to fight for.

    Still, I thank you, and those you have trained – Brad Griffin and Michael Cushman, in particular, for making the most sense in an era filled full of the opposite : nonsense.

    Every day, I ‘fight’ by talking to my neighbours, in church and at the grocery store, about these issues, and by making conscious choices about whom and what I patronize.

    Still, in the end, I am at the mercy of my fellow Southron brethren, the vast majority of whom regard most of what you say, and what I parrott as certifiable balderdash.

    But, yes – it is coming.

    1. Thanks for your response to the article and for rethinking your position. Yes, most Southerners still bury their heads in the sand, ignore reality, and hope of the best. But their day of awakening is indeed coming, and sooner than most realize. Keep on spreading the word about Southern nationalism.

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