Trump’s position and ours

LS button image July 2014I received an inquiry today from CBS News, wanting to know our position on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comment about banning Muslim immigration into the US.

Here goes. While Trump, if I understand him correctly, wants a temporary ban on the immigration of Muslims into the US, we in The League of the South want the following:

1. The permanent banning of Muslims and all other Third World immigrants into the USA, and particularly into the South.

2. The immediate deportation of all Muslims and all other Third World immigrants from the USA, and particularly from the South.

3. The closing down of all mosques in the USA, and particularly in the South.

4. The immediate cessation of US military involvement in the Middle East.

Simple and to the point. Can it be any clearer?

Michael Hill


  1. I could hardly believe my eyes reading this article.

    As someone very sympathetic to the plight of th South (where I have lived for a decade) and Southern independence, I feel lost when the Cause is in the hands of people saying what the article says.

    Except for Item 4, which I heartily agree with.

    Could the esteemed author explain the following points:

    1. What would be his legal definition of “the Third World”? what countries would it cover? Would it cover the Most Civilised countrry called Ireland (yes, I have lived there too, I know how “western” they are)? Poland (used to be the Second World)? Russia? China? India?

    2. What would be his definition of the ineligible Muslim? A practicing Muslim, declaring his/her faith (and possibly coming from a European country as a convert, or an American Balck Muslim)? Or anyone with a Muslim background (perhaps, not practicining, or being personally a Christian or, say, a Buddhist)?

    3. Closing down all mosques sounds particularly weird. The South has always been quite religiously tolerant. And why would a Southern partiot care what do the Yankees close or not close in their own homeland?

  2. Donald Trump is NOT a “White supremacist” or a “White racist” like the establishment media are trying to portrait him.

    Donald Trump is the typical, good old “patriotic” American who addresses the fear and insecurity of the average middle – class “American”.

    Nevertheless – and having said the above – if I HAD to choose someone for president of the US, I would choose Trump…..he is surely the less of two evils.

    His positions regarding Putin , Russia and ISIS are definitely on the right direction.

    On the other hand, a possible victory of Hillary Clinton – the high priestess of globalization and political correctness – would surely pull the US and the whole world down the toilet very fast !!!

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