Trump and the coming chaos

LS button image July 2014It is both supremely entertaining and instructive to observe the Trump administration at work. The left is twisting itself in knots over Trump’s constant barrage of Executive Orders (EOs). One can only imagine how bent and twisted they will become after four (or perhaps eight) years of Trumpisms.

With Trump, as with all politicians, there is always the doubt that he is really who he says he is: viz. a champion of the forgotten Americans. Those mainly white middle and lower-middle class workers who have suffered the effects of globalism since the economic, social, and political changes of the 1980s and 1990s destroyed the old economic base and with it most middle class jobs.

But to champion this demographic and return America to a post-Reagan era of economic nationalism, Trump will have to directly challenge the regnant globalist paradigm.

To challenge the globalists who have made America a host for a globalist, multicultural, neo-liberal parasite, is to threaten the status quo. And that status quo is what has permitted the ruling international elites to gather unto themselves an unprecedented amount of wealth, power, and influence.

One salient question is: Is Trump serious about really challenging this internationalist power base with his brand of civic nationalism? If he indeed is, that raises the next salient question: how far will they go to stop him?

Already there have been a few silly threats from the left to assassinate Trump. While no one takes Madonna seriously, don’t dismiss the possibility of a powerful cabal using this time-tested means of political persuasion, especially if Trump’s policies start benefiting his middle class constituency and thus hurting globalist interests. Trump doubtless already has made a goodly number of enemies, and as he moves ahead with his brash agenda he will make more and more of them.

What happens, considering the angst already apparent within various leftist circles (from the media to the Antifa/BLM street thugs), should Trump be assassinated or otherwise prevented from carrying out his promised agenda? What would be the response of his supporters? What would be the response of the left? Without too much soothsaying, it is not hard to envision the start of a real civil war that spreads from America to Europe and pits nationalists against globalists.

Of course, history shows that the likelihood of an American President getting assassinated is quite low; but what happens if Trump’s agenda is squashed for other reasons? Already, there are GOP solons arrayed against him (e.g. senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham). Federal judges have already moved to halt the implementation of some of his EOs, especially those that affect immigration and refugees.

The Presidency of Donald J. Trump has already just ten days in polarized American politics and society to a point of no return. If he does not accomplish his objectives, his base will not simply shrug their shoulders and go back to the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama neo-liberal paradigm. The civil nationalism genie is, in my opinion, out of the bottle. If he is actively prevented from accomplishing his agenda, the anger from his supporters will be palpable.

If he does succeed, then the left will not go quietly. They are well funded, organized, and have many assets that can be used against Trump. And they will use them rather than sit by and allow their power, wealth, and influence to wane and then disappear altogether.

Whatever scenario happens (and it likely will be one nobody has predicted), we seem to be on the verge of a period of chaos unprecedented since the 1960s and 1970s. But half a century ago, America was still a white-dominated polity. Now, it is split almost right down the middle between the descendants of the founding stock and the scions of the globalist left. Political chaos in 2017 and beyond is likely to turn into actual physical chaos. And out of chaos comes great opportunity, if you are prepared to lay hold if it.

Our task as Southern nationalists is to prepare for that eventuality and be flexible and strong enough to take advantage of it.

Michael Hill

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  1. Great article. It is time for European-Americans to wake up to what happening to our country. Personally, I am very concerned. The Anti-White sentiment cannot be allow to go unchecked anymore. We are getting assaulted for being white and that’s got to stop before it happens to our children too. Regardless, good article and lots to think about. I’m from the South as well, so good to see others with the same world view!

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