Trump and South African Whites: Our view

south_africa_landThe League of the South commends President Donald Trump for raising the matter of the minority White population of South Africa. Standing at about 8% of the total population of that beleaguered country (which is about the same percentage of Whites worldwide), the Whites of South Africa since the beginning of majority negro rule in the early 1990s have been increasingly persecuted by law and by criminal actions, many of which have gone unpunished. Now, the ANC-dominated government has changed its constitution to allow for the seizure of White farms. Some black politicians are openly calling for White genocide.

Trump, who called for the US State Department to look into this matter, has been roundly criticized on social media and elsewhere by a Jew-led chorus of condemnation for publicizing “White nationalist conspiracy theories” and “talking points.” But for those of us who have been paying attention to post-Apartheid South Africa, we understand that the harsh reality is no conspiracy but rather a bold campaign of White dispossession and actual physical genocide. If this were being done by a majority White government to a minority black population, for instance, the Jew media and other institutions under their control–including most Western governments–would be calling for an invasion and the destruction of those responsible. But in South Africa, the situation is just the reverse: they either refuse to recognize the problem or, if forced by fact to do so, they fall back on “Well, Whites are just finally getting what they deserve.”

Anyone who knows modern colonial history understands that without White help, Africa would be a primitive continent full of darkness and disease. Before the White Man came, this most resource-rich continent in the world had never had even heard of the wheel, much less of any of the hallmarks that distinguish a great civilization. And without the White Man’s aid, Africa will sink back into oblivion. Witness Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

The Jew-Leftist hysterical response to Trump’s statement on the plight of South African Whites tells us that they would welcome the same fate for us Whites in the South and the rest of America when and if we become a minority on this continent. There is no doubt about this. Therefore, anyone who supports what is being done to Whites in South Africa, implicitly or explicitly, has marked himself as an enemy of the White Man and should be treated as such. All those who desire to see us reduced to minority status in the lands conquered, settled, and civilized by our ancestors should be closely identified (i.e names and addresses) and counted as a deadly enemy. They make no secret of their hatred for us and for their plans for our demise. And all the while they call us the “haters.” But God will not be mocked by these Christ-haters. Mr. and Mrs. Christian Southerner, pray for South Africa’s besieged White population and then pray for yourselves. And then get up off your knees and show the world why our ancestors were able to create and sustain the most glorious civilization–Christendom–that the world has ever seen. Indeed, the future of that civilization hangs in the balance. Which way, White Southern Man?

Michael Hill

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Michael Hill

Dr Michael Hill is President of the League of the South. He is a retired university professor of history and author of two books on Celtic warfare.