Thoughts on the 4th of July, AD 2015

LS button image July 2014Thoughts on the 4th of July, AD 2015
Mark A Thomey, Board of Directors
The League of the South

“The worst derangement of the spirit is to believe things because we want them to be so, not because we have seen them for what they are.” Bishop Jacques Bossuet, 1627-1704

As I have reflected on the upcoming national holiday known as the 4th of July over the last couple of days, this quote from Bishop Bossuet has been in the forefront of my mind. The reason that it has, is because I truly believe, from years of observation and experience, that it succinctly describes the mental disorder afflicting the vast majority not only of ‘americans’, but also, and more sadly for me and the Southern nationalist movement, the vast majority of Southrons.

You see, since the close of hostilities which attended our ancestors’ bid for national independence one hundred fifty years ago, we Southrons have become a very queer breed of cat in the menagerie of post-bellum ‘america’. In our ancestors’ day, a virulent hatred of all things ‘american’, most especially yankee american, was widespread. They had determined that a political union with ‘those people’, as General Lee used to call them, was detrimental, even deadly, to their dearest rights, interests, hopes, and aspirations. It meant rule by the mercantile northern States who, through their superior numbers in population and representation in the federal government, would continually exploit and ruin the South. King numbers, as John C Calhoun, the great senator from South Carolina said, was an enemy that could not be defeated in the halls of congress. Within the union, the best the South could hope for was a stalemate. She would always be on the defensive, and in the end, she would always lose to king numbers. Appealing to the principles of their fathers, who’d seceded from the British Empire a mere eighty-five years earlier, the South and her people struck for independence. It was denied to them by the united states through armed invasion and eventual conquest.

Then followed twelve years of occupation, disenfranchisement, and organized theft and plunder euphemistically called reconstruction. One honest historian has called reconstruction, ‘a chamber of horrors, into which no american wants to look’. This, of course, did not do anything to diminish the hatred Southrons had for the united states. Like most imperialistic operations throughout history, it ended up accomplishing the exact opposite of what was intended. But it didn’t end with the withdrawal of federal soldiers in 1877. As Frank Lawrence Owsley, a contributor to that magnificent Southern manifesto, I’ll Take My Stand, wrote, ‘… so there commenced a second war of conquest, the conquest of the Southern mind, calculated to remake every Southern opinion, to impose the northern way of life and thought upon the South, write “error” across the pages of Southern history that were out of keeping with the northern legend, and set the rising and unborn generations upon stools of everlasting repentance.’

All one has to do today is look at and listen to our benighted fellow Southrons to see that the second war of conquest has succeeded all too well. There is still a remnant of pride in, and reverence for, the heroic deeds of our Confederate ancestors; a recognition that in all ways that matter, we Southrons just aren’t like other ‘americans’; a stubborn, rebellious desire to push back against the debauchery and tyranny that is modern ‘america’. Yet, too many of our people want to be seen as ‘loyal americans’, so they fly and salute the enemy’s flag, serve in its military, and play it’s no-win (for the South that is) political game. This is why most modern Southrons are such a queer breed of cat – they are mentally ill. They suffer from cognitive dissonance, which is trying to hold two diametrical ideals at the same time, and Stockholm syndrome, a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with their captors.

This long, mass descent into mental illness has resulted in a complete break with reality, especially where it concerns the u.s. regime. And this is where Bishop Bossuet’s insightful observation brings things sharply into focus and should be a powerful wake-up call to the Southern people. For when it comes to how people think and feel about the u.s. regime, what they are truly doing is projecting a fantasy image of what they WISH the regime was onto the putrid, evil reality of it. When they wave the imperial banner (aka u.s. flag), go to parades, shoot off fireworks, and consume barbeque and beer, in their mind’s eye they conjure images of George Washington, mom, apple pie, baseball, the good guy riding in on the white horse and wearing a white hat to save the day, freedom, self-government – basically all things good and wonderful.

But what is the REALITY of what the u.s. regime is? Well, the events of the last two weeks provide us with a nice, concise view of some of that reality.
• The denigration and hopeful elimination of all things Southern and Confederate from the public, and perhaps private, sphere (you see, THEY know you’re different and act accordingly. Southerners should return the favor)
• The sanction of one of the four sins that cry to heaven for vengeance – sodomy – and it’s supposed elevation to the level of a Holy Sacrament of The Church.
• The rubber stamping of obamacare because the supreme court is certain that the words they read on paper did not mean what they said.
• Congress green-lighting the obama trade deal.

And that was just in the last two weeks. But let’s add a few more things to the list just for good measure, like:
• Abortion (with euthanasia and infanticide coming to a town near you soon)
• Gun control, registration, confiscation
• Suppression of speech and assembly
• Open border invasion by 3rd world peoples designed to displace and replace the white, Southern populace
• The police state, complete with phone and e-mail surveillance, sexual groping at the airport (which is only 5% effective, except for the 100% power/sexual fantasy fulfillment of the gestapo, er, uh TSA agents of course). And brand new!! Cops no longer need those pesky warrants to enter and search your home
• Rule by executive order (congress? I don’t need no stinking congress!)
• Rule by judicial fiat (I don’t care if 80% of Alabamians said, NO! to sodomite unions, I say you have to!)
• The war on drugs
• The war on ‘terror’ (even though the regime creates all those mean ole terrorists to begin with, but who cares, right? We gotta put a boot in someone’s butt!!)
• Public (sic) schools that are anything but failures – they are resounding successes by the hopes and dreams expressed by their communist/socialist founders; meaning that they are horrible at teaching, but GREAT at creating compliant subjects for the state and sexual perverts.
• Theft of the fruit of your labors through the onerous and immoral ‘income tax’
• Mortgaging yours and your children’s futures by borrowing monopoly money from a privately owned banking cartel.
I could go on, and I’m sure that you, dear readers, could add many other items to this list, but I think the point has been made.

So, fellow Southrons, my question to you is this? If you are sane, how can you in any way, shape, or form look at the u.s.a. and declare with a straight face that you live in the greatest, most free country in the history of the planet? You can’t! What are you going to be celebrating tomorrow? A colossal LIE! A fantasy. A delusion.

If you are willing to live and act in the real world, there is hope. There is a sane, sensible, and practical solution to the oppression and evil under which the South and her people are suffering. Yes! Suffering! But you must take your head out of the sand, or maybe your own backside, reject the u.s. regime, its symbols, its culture of death, and join the ranks of we in the Southern nationalist movement who are struggling for our cultural, social, economic, and political well being and INDEPENDENCE from this tyrannical occupier of our native lands. See things for what they truly are, and NOT what you wish they were.

God save the South!!