This is Our Land!

This is Our Land!
by Tex Wood

On Saturday, January 16th 2016 at the capitol steps in Tallahassee the League of the South organized about 50 people including its own activists, SCV members and ordinary Southerners to fight the ongoing purging of all things Confederate and/or Southern. This rally was called for as a response to the recent SB 154  by Senator Geraldine Thompson- created to completely remove all “flags and emblems associated with the [Confederacy] on any publicly owned or leased property”.

This is but one in a long line of repeated legislation to remove your heritage from the entire South. These attacks and hatred against our people will not cease in the USA. Instead, they will continue step-by-step, year-after-year until your heritage has been forever banned. As you already know, when they demand your flags, emblems and historical monuments to be gone they are really saying they want YOU gone. Projected demographic trends in the United States are set to prove that statement as prophetic. Your posterity may be a hated people with no future in the USA…but there is hope! The League of the South offers HOPE in secession. This would be a reshuffling of the die of politics into something more representative of our people’s interests. Close your eyes and imagine for a moment, literally envision a government that represents Jesus, fights for your heritage and your own interests as a people. The basic human right to self-determination gives us the moral right to exist as a distinct people on our own land. So love your children and give them the gift of identity…they deserve a future.


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