The War on Whiteness

The ongoing war on Whiteness has reached a fever pitch in America. One of the latest shootings, in El Paso, has been blamed on a “White Supremacist,” and everyone from the Jew-dominated media to the Jew-dominated White House has been quick to condemn any White man or woman who dares defend themselves and their own race. “White nationalists,” we are called. And they want to make us illegal.

Despite the El Paso shooter’s “manifesto” having some very questionable aspects and the fact that the Ohio shooter was Antifa connected, the Establishment has used this occasion as a pretext to condemn Whites as a group. When the Establishment class says “White,” they mean the majority of the middle- and working-class that produces, pays taxes, and votes men like Donald Trump into office. The people who are descended from the American founding stock. The people who now are expected to sit quietly while they are replaced by an alien population. If they offer the least hint of resistance to their own replacement, they are demonized as “racists,” “xenophobes,” “anti-Semites,” etc.

Moreover, now Donald Trump, “their President,” wants to give them the death penalty if (when?) they commit a “hate crime” and to disarm them with Red Flag Laws. Both the definition of what constitutes a “hate crime” and what triggers the execution of a Red Flag Law will doubtless be determined by someone with an interest in punishing Whites for having had too much privilege. In other words, Whitey, even before you’ve become a demographic minority in the country founded by your ancestors, you have been destined for dispossession and destruction. Clearly, the Establishment doesn’t think you’ll fight back.

If you are White and you can’t see this, then you are either willfully blind or simply haven’t been paying attention. The “rights” you have for so long taken for granted as your birthright are being dismantled at a rapid pace right before your eyes. Your institutions–from media, to banking, to big business, to the schools and universities, to the churches, etc.–have been infiltrated and captured by an alien people preaching an alien and anti-White ideology. If this continues, and it will unless it’s forcibly stopped, then you and/or your progeny will end up either as slaves or dead. If you doubt this you simply don’t understand the depth of the hatred against you.

We are in the early stages of a war for White survival. As Southern nationalists, we will do our work for the survival and prosperity of our people on the lands we love–Dixie. From the plains of Texas, to the hills of Alabama, to the bluegrass of Kentucky, and every place in between, we will defend our patrimony like the blessing it is. Our God, the true and living Creator, made us who we are–White men and women. It’s time we started acting once again like we are created in the image of our gracious Father in Heaven, the ancient Lord of Hosts. May His mighty hand strengthen our hands and prepare them for the conflict that is here.–Michael Hill