The Virginia League of the South

The Virginia League of the South

“Sic Semper Tyrannis”

Remember who your fore-fathers were for they were not cowards. We must fight tyranny within our homeland and take back what was stolen from us. In this time of uncertainty, secession never sounded so good. We as the descendants of brave soldiers must not accept these tyrants and their laws. We must take a stand and fight. Join us in this battle for our homeland and the fight for our people. We must take on this endeavor so that our children and grandchildren do not have to suffer the plagues this tyrannical government is forcing upon us. The empire seeks to destroy our beliefs and ultimately our people.

~ The League of the South is the last defense of Dixie! ~

The Virginia League of the South is leading the charge in ensuring and securing the future of a traditional South in the Great State of Virginia. You will often find Virginia League members amongst those fighting vigilantly for the freedom of Virginians.

Save Your People

The Virginia League of the South is the largest, most organized, and foremost advocate for the Southron people in a day and age that is growing increasingly hostile to our very existence. Our culture is being sacked by an unholy crusade of leftist agitators and foreign religions and our very physical survival depends on us organizing and effectively defending ourselves from this enemy who seeks to eliminate us from the planet earth. If we fail to do this then not only will there be no more Southern flags and monuments, but soon there will be no more Southern people. We will all have been erased and our birthrights and those we intend to hand down to our children will have been given to foreigners and strangers who have no love for our way of life. We are being purposefully replaced by people who hate the Bible, they hate our ancestors, they hate our families, and they hate us with such a passion they would stop at nothing to see our culture and bloodline eradicated forever. This is why it is absolutely imperative that we rally what is left of our people, our resources, and every last vestige of Western Civilization in Dixie; to stand together and secure a future in which OUR culture can survive, dominate and thrive.

If you are interested in the survival, well-being and independence of the Southern people and would like to receive an information packet and/or volunteer, please complete the contact form below.