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LS button image July 2014Back in the 1990s, my friend and fellow Southern nationalist Phil Beverly made a stark observation: “Our people believe lies.” And it’s true.

But do we do so intentionally? Probably. But why would someone willingly believe a lie?

Well, most of us actually don’t really believe the lies; we just politely pretend that we do. And we do that in order to be “good” people. Good Americans. Good Christians. Or whatever.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

Have you seen those home security company ads on television? I’m talking about the ones that depict the burglars/robbers to be white men. Always. I have yet to see one that depicts a brown or black man as the criminal.

Yet everyone knows—even politically correct white liberals—that racial minorities commit crimes, both property and violent crimes, far out of proportion to their numbers in society. So what these commercials are doing is turning truth on its head. But why?

I had an ABC news executive tell me face-to-face in the 1990s that his news organization would not cover sensational black-on-white crime simply because it would give fuel to white “racists” who claimed that young blacks in particular were dangerous to whites. In other words, the “racists” were right but ABC could not and would not admit it.

And it’s not just in commercial advertisements that we see these willful falsehoods perpetrated. TV dramas and sit-coms, as well as Hollywood movies, tell us the same thing.

It seems someone has an agenda and something they want to hide. Shoot, I’m probably a “racist” in the eyes of some of you for even pointing this out!

But I’m not finished. I’m gonna get my money’s worth if I’m to be dog cussed for it!

Staying with the media in general (and that should make you say “Hmmm . . . who controls the media anyhow?”), lets look at the way white gentile men are commonly portrayed.

Wimps, wusses, incompetents, fairies, among other helpless and pitiable characters seem to be the trend for white men. And to further rub our faces in the dirt, the TV and movie folks like to show our beautiful women of European descent lusting after virile black men while the white men are shown as . . . well you get the picture.

You know, they might be sending us a message: We’d really like to breed you folks out of existence since you are the cause of all the world’s problems. But all those white females would do well for their own safety to remember Nicole and OJ (or thousands of other tragic examples since then).

But in reality, white men are really pretty competent and manly (well, not too many liberal white men but they don’t claim “whiteness” to start with). Example? Look at the Special Forces in the US military. They are the cream of the crop and are (and always have been) predominately white. The same goes for airline pilots and others who hold highly skilled jobs that present an element of risk or danger. So again, the truth has been turned upon its poor little head.

So before we go dissin’ them too much, remember it was white men–and the women who loved them–who largely built Western civilization and until recently had the fortitude to defend it.

But we whites have been told it’s impolite, un-Christian even, to point out the truth about these things. Because we have benefitted so long from “white privilege,” we just need to shut up and let minorities have things go their way until we achieve equality. At that point, things will be balanced and all races and ethnicities will live happily ever after, even when our white children and grandchildren are a minority in this soon-to-be “rainbow and unicorn” utopia.

Maybe in that future time all the TV burglars, robbers, rapists, and murderers will be depicted as blacks and Hispanics. Maybe all the dark-skinned women will be shown drooling over young white hunks in every Hollywood movie. And maybe unicorns do exist and can ride across rainbows to Never, Never Land. Or maybe not . . .

Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama

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Michael Hill

Dr Michael Hill is President of the League of the South. He is a retired university professor of history and author of two books on Celtic warfare.