The Syrian “chemical attack” crisis . . . Cui bono?

Bashar-Al-AssadThe US Deep State and its allies (particularly Great Britain, France, and Israel) are trying to demonize Assad’s Syria and its ally Russia by any means possible. The latest accusation is that Assad (see photo at right) is responsible for a chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held area of Syria. At present, the US and its allies have offered no proof of the Assad government’s complicity in the attack. All there have been are baseless accusations and irresponsible threats of military intervention. (See video link below)

The salient question is simple: why would the Assad government, on the verge of winning the six-year old war against ISIS and the Caliphate, risk alienating world opinion by a strategically foolish chemical weapons attack against women and children? It makes no sense. What we must ask ourselves is the age-old question: Cui bono? Who benefits? Certainly not Assad’s Syria. However, such an excuse to take down Assad does benefit those forces who seem always to be seeking destabilization and “regime change.”

Before any accusations are made by various governments around the world, perhaps they should wait until the facts become clear. But perhaps obfuscation, and not clarity, is what these governments desire as a pretext for war and the ouster of Assad.

The League said years ago that ISIS was a creation of the Obama regime and its NATO allies, as well as other Middle Eastern states friendly to the US (Israel and Saudi Arabia in particular). This has proven to be true. Now, we believe that Assad might be under attack for three related reasons: 1) Syria at present does not have a central bank controlled by the world banksters; once Assad is gone, mark our words, Syria will have a central bank and will thus be under control of the Money Power; 2) the territory that is now Syria will become a de facto part of Greater Israel; and 3) there is also the question of two pipeline projects running through Syria to Europe. One is supported by the US and allies, the other by Russia.

Our position is that the US has no business interfering in the affairs of a sovereign nation–Syria. We Southern nationalists will oppose any actions against President Assad unless circumstances change dramatically and the truth of the real story can be ascertained.–Michael Hill