The swamp strikes back!

donald-trump-dec-2016Donald Trump ran for President as a populist who promised to challenge the international “cartel” that had seized power from the American people, particularly the white working- and middle-class. Implicit in this campaign promise was that Trump would return that usurped power back to the people where it naturally belonged. He was going to make the “consent of the governed” mean something again!

But a lot has happened over the first 100 days of the Trump presidency, not the least of which is a trail of broken promises to his main constituency. One major broken promise concerns that “cartel” he pledged to bring down as part and parcel of “draining the swamp.”

It did not take long for perceptive observers of American politics to see that the more things seemed to change, the more they actually stayed the same. Instead of Trump draining the proverbial Deep State swamp, the swamp began to suck him down like B-movie quicksand (as someone once said, “When I was young, I thought quicksand would be a bigger problem than it’s turned out to be!”)

Illustrative of Trump’s surrender to the Deep State swamp are two particular appointments: 1) Gary Cohn as Chief Economic Advisor and 2) Steven Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury. Both are Jews and both are up to their necks in Goldman Sachs. So much for challenging that international cartel, the one based on the control of money and banking.

These broken promises suggest that Trump is either a knave or a fool. The former if he was simply lying all along; the latter if he thought he could wrestle control of money and banking–and the bought-and-paid-for politicians it controls–from the grubby hands of international Jewry. I have said before that if Trump or any US President tried to insert goyim into certain sensitive economic/financial posts such as the ones occupied now by Cohn, Mnuchin, or Fed Chair Janet Yellen, he would awaken one morning with a horse’s head in his bed. International Jewry is serious about protecting its stranglehold over the world’s monetary and banking system.

Trump will not, and surely cannot under current circumstances, make America great again for the goyim simply because international Jewry calls the shots (take a look at the State Department as well). It is obvious to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear who really controls modern America. And Mr. and Mrs. Christian Southerner, it ain’t you!

The first step toward rolling back this problem that threatens the very survival of the Christian West is identifying the enemy and naming him at every possible opportunity. That takes courage because of the threat of reprisals and even ultimate sanctions themselves, sometimes from within our own ranks (e.g. evangelical Christians who still foolishly believe that these Jews are God’s Chosen People and that it is sinful to oppose them). But to shrink from this task is to relinquish the fight and succumb to dispossession. In my book, that is unacceptable. So, as a proud white Southern nationalist and an old-fashioned Christian, I shall take my own advice and continue to speak and write the truth. May God have mercy.

Michael Hill