The South Carolina League of the South

The South Carolina League of the South

~While I breathe, I hope~

Welcome to the Internet home of the South Carolina League of the South. The League is the largest and most active Southern nationalist organisation. The SC LS has a proud history of leadership within the League of the South. Our members hold joint membership with the national organisation. We promote the survival, well-being and independence of the Southern people.

Immigration hurts Southern workers

Open borders and mass immigration is not just a demographic and cultural issue, it is also an economic issue. The endless tide of Third World immigration depresses wages and takes working-class jobs that would otherwise go to native Southerners. With that in mind, the SC League of the South offers the following flyer which may be distributed in support of Southern workers. It is available here as a jpeg file. We recommend that it be printed off in black and white in order to keep costs down.

Unprecedented publicity for the League of the South

The League of the South has garnered a windfall of publicity for the organization and its cause of Southern independence. A demonstration in Montgomery, Alabama at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) against the Left-wing group’s efforts to overturn traditional marriage in the State received national news coverage. That was followed up with the controversy which ensued when a League billboard with the message of ‘secede’ was taken down in Montgomery. Dozens of media outlets throughout the United States and beyond. Members of the South Carolina League of the South were active in promoting both events and helping to fund the billboard.

The SC LS has a history of activism if look back to the late 1990s and early 2000s. We have a fine tradition upon which to build. And our State is ripe for our message. Across the South and beyond we see a great deal of enthusiasm for nullification and self-determination. Federal actions against gun rights and health care freedom have triggered a strong reaction from the people. As well, immigration and demographic displacement are now hot topics from Texas to Florida to Virginia. Here in the Palmetto State negative demographic trends are leading to the displacement of our people in small towns such as Saluda as well as bigger cities such as North Charleston. This is a winning issue for our organisation. More importantly, it is a vital issue for the future of our people. The SC LS takes a stand for the survival, well-being and independence of the Southern people.