The situation in white South Africa

Jacob Zuma Mar 2017As many of you know, The League for long has had an interest in the plight of our white brothers and sisters in the former Rhodesia and South Africa. In fact, a number of LS members have various degrees of personal experience in this part of the world. Moreover, we see the dangerous situation in southern Africa as one that could repeat itself in our own Southland in due time.

With this in mind, I recently contacted a group from South Africa that represents the interests of the beleaguered white (largely Boer) population: Suidlanders.

A delegation from Suidlanders (Southlanders) is now traveling in North America to raise awareness and support for white South Africans. This is a legitimate organization with a legitimate and urgent cause. Therefore, I am asking League of the South members and supporters for their prayers and material assistance (for details on how to help, see the website like posted here). Be as generous as you are able!

Below is a statement sent to me by one of the leaders of the Suidlander delegation, Mr. Simon Roche.

“Draft Notice Concerning Suidlanders USA Tour for Dr. Michael Hill

Suidlanders organisation ( of South Africa is presently touring the USA in a race against time to raise funds for civilian non-combatant vital necessities in anticipation of an imminent race-based civil war in that country.

Suidlanders is the world’s largest non-state civil defense organisation, founded under the aegis of the legal provisions of Protocols I&II to the Geneva Conventions which make specific provision for identifiable groups to seek the protection of international law in the event of armed conflict (according to certain specific criteria).

The group Suidlanders represents the white people of South Africa, who form approximately 9% of the population, with specific emphasis, albeit not bias, on the Afrikaner (Boer) people whose forebears settled the country in 1652.

Since the fall of apartheid with the election of Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress party to government on 27th April 1994, the country has declined dramatically, and the blame has been evermore shifted towards the whites. It has reached the point that the current president, Jacob Zuma (see photo above), has often sung the songs “Kill the Boers” and “Bring Me My Machinegun” (a song about killing whites). Nowhere else in the world, during a time of ostensible peace, is it even conceivable that a president could sing such songs about a given population group. This is Nelson Mandela’s Rainbow Nation.

As if that was not enough, the firebrand revolutionary leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) parliamentary party, Julius Malema, stated on 7th November 2016: “I am not calling for the slaughter of all whites, yet”. One negro king of an influential South African kingdom (name known to Dr. Hill) told a senior leader of Suidlanders (name known to Dr. Hill): “In your culture that could mean many things. In our culture, it means only one thing: ‘I want you to kill those people. I will let you know when the time is right. Prepare yourselves in the meantime’.”

All of this comes on top of over 74,000 murders of whites by blacks in the 23 years of the New South Africa. It comes on top of the murder of over 3,500 white farmers by blacks. The figures have reached such astonishing proportions of the white population of about 4,600,000 and of the white farmers’ population of between 30,000-40,000 that the government has forbidden the South African police from publishing them for almost a decade. What’s more, this is not to speak of the unutterably ghastly rapes (often multiple/simultaneous) perpetrated upon white females between the ages of 3 years up to late-80s.

Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch in Washington D.C. who famously, and accurately, forecasted the Rwanda Genocide almost a year prior to its start – not to mention other prescient predictions– has placed white South Africans in the final stage before open genocide (race-based civil war with genocide as its purpose). It may interest the reader to know that Dr. Stanton is a liberal who was formerly an anti-apartheid activist. He has also declared, on video record, that it seems clear that the onslaught of rape and murder is deliberate; by implication, it is at least tacitly tolerated but more likely purposely orchestrated by the African National Congress government.

Now, various events are occurring which have led Suidlanders senior leadership to believe that the final phase of the onslaught is imminent.

Suidlanders leadership is firmly convinced that the most realistic and pragmatic effort that it can make to fulfill its mandate as a civil defense organisation is to prepare urgently. That requires money, and lots of it.

That has led Suidlanders to the USA. They are approaching people who are sympathetic to their plight with one goal in mind – to secure funds for diesel and other fuels, medicine, water-treatment, shelter, communications equipment, women’s and children’s needs, the needs of the elderly, and every other vital necessity for civilian non-combatants that the reader can imagine.”

I will keep you posted on our contacts with Suidlanders and their continued efforts for the white people of South Africa.

Michael Hill