The Russian Civil War Comes to Mind

As we roll into the two-party midterms, we see the country further heat up. Many conservatives are giddy about the overturn of Roe v. Wade and the almost certain increase of Republicans in congress. These die-hard reformers of the “America First/MAGA Inc” are celebrating a victory not yet even won. As a Southern Nationalist, we see many Southerners, unfortunately, being swept up in this dog and pony show. However, we need to step back and examine what is really going on.

For starters, we are glad Roe v. Wade was overturned but that is not a high-water mark for the federal globalist regime. Is it a win? Yes, but this is not going to lead to a return to federalism and some great “American First Revival.” On the contrary, it will stir up political polarization not just in general but by region especially. New England and the West Coast have doubled down on murdering babies. In the South and the prairie states, abortion is being quickly restricted and or outlawed. Meanwhile, the Rust-belt Yankees are still on the fence with the upcoming Governor races most likely deciding the fate of abortion in those states. In other words, the comparison of the Dred Scott case to the end of Roe v. Wade isn’t too far off. A win for the Republican Party is a kick to the hornet nest of the Democrats while a win for the democrat party is vice versa. In other words, political polarization is booming to unsustainable levels to the point it cannot be stopped. Mainstream media sites themselves aren’t even denying this with polling. Which most assuredly confirms our point. 

This brings us to our theory that Civil War/collapse is on the way and one needs to find their tribe immediately. American Reformers, whether conditional unionists or full-on Submissionists are wrong. These political victories are indeed largely positive news but instead of seeing them as wins to topple the empire these reformers foolishly see them as steps to “Making America Great.” The Republican Party will do well in 2022 and even 2023 however sooner than later the US Empire will fully give way. In much the way that the Spanish Republic fell after the assassination of various politicians, it’s not hard to see this exact thing happening in the USA. The left is already stalking the Conservative Supreme court justices and at least one attempt has already been made on Justice Kavanaugh. Think this is not likely? Look at how the media and the left are encouraging this behavior and then take a look at the death of Japan’s Shinzo Abe. I believe the freakish left also have taken note of his quick demise.

To further our point, we would like to say that the USA is heading much the course of the Russian Empire in 1917. Their Civil War, largely of which has been sorely neglected by “Americans”, is the best comparison for what’s in store for America and misguided reformers. For starters, the MAGA/America First Movement nationwide largely is in the place of White Russia.  These were largely pro-military, pro-Russia Empire, and other Nationalists forces. This faction was disunited, disorganized and struggled to win over the common poor peasant to their incoherent message. They were largely united by their hatred for the Bolsheviks. They also were the strongest in the Rural regions of the Russian Empire. We find sympathy for these men as many were Christian Nationalists who merely wanted to stop the Godless Communist hordes. However, breaking down their complicated force you had liberals, socialists, and old-line conservatives who wouldn’t yield on reforms that would have otherwise made them extremely popular with the rural peasantry. Their message was weak and they lacked a true leader despite Admiral Kolchak often being called the Big White Russian Chief. In reality, he held minimal sway over the various White Generals and other armed forces across “white territory.” He also lacked pretty much any knowledge of ground warfare as he was a trained admiral, not a proper General.

“Supreme Commander Kolchak would be executed by the Reds in 1919. He was much hated by them in both life and death.”

As everyone should know this bulky alliance collapsed mainly in 1919 and was practically driven out, killed, exiled or jailed in mass by 1922. They were unable both figuratively and literally to unite their various forces. In many ways, their exact defeat mirrors the “MAGA-Movement/Republican/America First” reformers. We should know that ironically many of the future Whites took part in a pyrrhic victory in 1917 when they overthrew Czar Nicholas during the disastrous World War 1. While not every White was on board with this move many saw it as necessary to survive and the Bolsheviks actually didn’t come to power until well after the February Revolution. This loosely mirrors the upcoming “victory” the GOP will have in these midterms. After all Czar Nicholas was largely a symbol of the dysfunctional and failing Russian Empire while Biden serves the same role for the modern US Empire yet holds more personal blame than the murdered Czar. Indeed, from the looks of it, the Old Yankee may be given the boot by Democrats in the 2024 Primary. 

We should get prepared to see a 2022 October Revolution after a major Republican victory. Indeed 2020 is evidence of how violent and ready to mob the left is. In the light of a Republican victory in the midterms or especially 2024, perhaps the system will allow a true coup to happen with the radical left with Antifa and BLM leading the charge. In 1917 it should be said that the Bolsheviks didn’t have a true revolution at first but nearly marched into Saint Petersburg. The liberal provisional Government fled too weak and scared to stop the Bolsheviks. Many liberals would jump at the opportunity to do anything to stop the return of Trump and given their current hysteria over Roe v. Wade’s end they will be even more determined to stop the return of the exiled POTUS.

It’s here we would like to point to the third group of players in the collapse/Russian Civil War that are the separatists. One should recall that the Russian Empire was not an “ethnostate” bound by blood but a multi-ethnic Empire from what’s today’s Poland to nearly Alaska.  When the Bolsheviks took power, these various separatists saw an opportunity to cut free of the empire that tried to force their identity and values on the entire Empire. The first to go was the Finish Separatists who long worked to see an independent Finland. You also had the Polish, Baltic countries, and Ukraine along with many other separatists in the Caucasus Mountains and Central Asia.  While we could go on about the complexities of these various separatists, let’s focus on three of them to draw parallels to ourselves (Southern Nationalists); those being the separatists of Poland, Finland, and Ukraine.

First, let us go over priorly mentioned Finland which secured independence the quickest. The pre-World War Finish Nationalists were among the strongest separatists and the most well-organized. They were able to declare Independence only days after the Bolshevik takeover in 1917. Newly Bolshevik Russia realized that pragmatically they couldn’t take the Finish outright due to their own weakness of their state. The Reds decided it was better to hope for a grassroots socialist takeover in Finland by Finish Reds than direct intervention. This however would quickly fail as Finish Socialists were destroyed by the determined Finish anti-communists like General Mannerheim. In all of the chaos coming in the near future, Southerners may and should choose to secede and kick off the “great divorce.” In which, the League will lead the way to a better future. In time perhaps the modern-day Bolsheviks will be too weak or just too wise to touch a Free Dixie. It’s not impossible as the USSR itself died such a death in the 1990s. If Southerners in mass decide it’s time to leave and prepare themselves, it could very well convince the left to “leave us alone” or at least for a while.

Second, let’s look into Poland’s separatists. While more complicated than Finland’s fate largely due to having less defined borders and being split not just between the Russian Empire but also the German Empire, neither of which lasted past 1918. In such chaos of World War 1 and the Red takeover, Polish Nationalists were able to establish their own country. These folks were traditionalists who sought to restore their own ethnic group’s prior state just as we seek to do with a Free South. Poland, while initially being successful in independence, had to deal with Ukrainians and Lithuania. They had the relative support of the allies, especially France but largely Poles were able to get their army to defeat these forces under the strong leadership of General and Chief of State Józef Klemens Piłsudski. However, in late 1918 the Bolsheviks would look to destroy the new Polish State. While setbacks occurred the Polish people and their new country would bring the Reds to the peace table in 1921. Poland would live on until the invasion in 1939 but that’s a different story for another time.

The final tale is of Ukraine’s struggle for independence. While many Americans didn’t know anything about the country, including where it’s located, the country or better-said peoples were highly involved in the collapse and Russian Civil War. Their tale is complicated but their peoples were divided and not unified like the other separatists, nor were many of them pro-separatists. Their tale of eventual defeat in 1922 is a warning to all Southerners of the fate those who lose to our enemy may find themselves in. Ukraine in 1917 was split between true nationalists, socialists, Bolsheviks, anarchists, whites, and anarchists in the Donbas and even Cossacks. The entire region was racked with battles between these forces in which thousands would die from famine, riots, and brutality of the various forces. The Ukraine state crumbled and was spread across the region until it was destroyed and integrated fully into the new Godless Red state of Soviet Russia. By the 1930s you would get the Holodomor and far more suffering than the Civil War years. Here’s a lesson to those who think the hierarchy of a boots-on-the-ground organization doesn’t matter or shouldn’t be joined. Ukrainians suffered from the same prideful mindset and paid the price for it.

Ukrainian Separatists in full uniform

The final point of this is that Southerners must choose between Southern Nationalism or continuing to believe the falsehood of unionism.  As it stands the national conservative movement is loosely organized with scattered goals and lacks true solid leadership as well as an official organization. While you have the Republican Party, they have dropped the ball on so many occasions and are still riddled with cowards like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnel that they can’t be trusted in the slightest. The voter base of the GOP is improving in their beliefs and wants but lacks the leadership and true structure needed to win a collapse scenario. Trump likewise is a wildcard and there’s no telling what the radical left may do to stop him. As stated before, the number one politician these people hate is Trump and it’s not hard to see him being arrested or going the way of Kolchak. Even if he doesn’t his leadership is 50/50 the majority of the time thus leaving him to be a shaky leader. At the end of the day, we need leaders who will fight with their men in the pits and set an example rather than being a diva and a prideful boaster. This goes not just for Trump but many e-celebs in the MAGA/America First movement and even former Dissident right folks. When I look at the League however, I see wise and fearless men leading the fight, I shall hope and pray that Southerners will rally behind the banner of Southern Nationalism instead of falling prey to false hopes of national reform.

Authored by Ambrose Cobb