The proper response to tyranny

M-16s(Note: This article was written several months ago and posted here in July; however, I am posting it again in advance of Emperor Obama’s unilateral declaration of amnesty, which is scheduled for tonight, 20 November 2014. I pray it makes you think and gives you inspiration in these dark days.)

The proper response to tyranny is to oppose it with every resource at your command. After all, its design is to destroy you. But if you’re an average Southerner with a job and family, how do you oppose tyranny? That’s what we will explore. But first, let me give you an inspiring example of opposing tyranny when you are young and free of the responsibilities of job and family.

Once upon a time, young men of the West courageously went off to fight real tyranny—communism–in foreign lands. Let me give you an example that’s close to my heart—the once beautiful and fruitful country of Rhodesia.


In 1979, the British government, supported by the United States and the Western world in general, forced the conservative, pro-western administration of Prime Minister Ian Smith to cede control of Rhodesia to the forces of communist tyranny. White controlled Rhodesia thus became black communist controlled Zimbabwe in the following year. The infamous Lancaster House Agreement, which included as signatories the Soviet- and Chinese communist-backed Patriotic Front leaders Robert Mugabe (first and only President of Zimbabwe), head of ZANU—Zimbabwe African National Union–and Joshua Nkomo, head of ZAPU—Zimbabwe African Peoples Union—literally was a death warrant for the “Breadbasket of Africa” and eventually for thousands of white farm families who were unable to leave the country. What once had been a stable and productive civilized Western country in the middle of Africa became a leftist hell hole unable to sustain its own economic needs.

Though their respective governments stood as enemies to white Rhodesia (and to white South Africa as well), many a young man from the West answered the call and shouldered a FN-FAL in the 1970s to fight tyranny in the dark heart of Africa. And so it remains to this day.


“Wait,” you say. “The Bush War in Southern Africa was over more than three decades ago. Why do you say ‘so it remains to this day’?” My answer is simply this: Our western young men answered the clarion call then to defend their civilization in that far-flung land. If we are to indeed preserve the core—the very heart of the West—then they are going to have to answer that call for volunteers once again in our own day. Remember: the proper response to tyranny is to oppose it.

My generation—the Baby Boomers—has been rightly criticized for helping establish the climate that led to the decline of our civilization. You probably have heard of the infamous debauchery of the 1960s. But despite its overall degeneracy, my generation did have a solid minority of young men who understood what it meant to be . . . men. And only real men can summon a proper response to tyranny—to oppose, and, if possible, destroy it.

But now those young men of an earlier generation are growing old. They now have everyday responsibilities. And so do most of our young men. So it is back to our original question of exactly how do you oppose tyranny in your everyday lives without dropping everything and becoming a citizen-soldier?


Having said that, let me say this: you may indeed have to become a citizen-soldier, so make your preparations accordingly. No sane man wants war if there are other viable and honorable alternatives. But wise men prepare for all eventualities. And if you think I’m being alarmist, read what popular blogger Bob Owens wrote recently in an article entitled “Bloody Calculus” (4 April 2013): “. . . we must face the fact that we live in a time and place where there are good people who are calculating whether war, while horrible, is the worst of things.” He continues: “We live in a time where good people are weighing the loss of their own lives against the loss of freedoms their children and grandchildren may experience if our generation fails to stop a creeping tyranny.”

But what can you actively do today to stop that “creeping tyranny?” One thing you can do is speak the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may make you, to your family, friends, and associates. And despite the mainstream media’s blathering to the contrary, there is much truth to be had from alternative sources on the internet and from such publications as the one you are reading now. Spread this information around every chance you get. Put it in competition with the “official story” coming from the government and its propaganda organs. Teach those around you to develop a healthy skepticism.

Be an “information guerrilla.” What exactly does that entail? When I was in Northern Ireland back in the early 1980s, I noticed the creative graffiti decorating the walls and buildings, especially in places like Belfast. The slogan that I saw most often was “Brits Out of Northern Ireland.” You can do the same here. In fact, we have stickers that are being used in like manner all across the South (they adhere great to almost any flat surface!). The most popular of our slogans are: “Secede,” “Secede From Obamaland,” (Obamaland sounds likes some Third World hellhole in Africa), and “Feds Out of Dixie.” Get the message out and let the public see it.

Every elite ruling class throughout history has been dependent on “hewers of wood and drawers of water” (to use a phrase from Irish history). In other words, in their personal lives they need people to do almost every task from cooking their meals to providing their security. Furthermore, in their official capacity they cannot run a Police and Surveillance State without plenty of employees serving as their eyes and ears, hands and feet, out here in the boondocks. While there are plenty of creative ways to “gum up the works” on an everyday basis (be creative here!), the best way to make this Leviathan grind to a halt is simple: don’t provide these services to them! Walk away and leave them un-served, blind, deaf, and lame. And for those among you who refuse to give up a lucrative job of serving the tyrants, you can begin by social and economic ostracization. That is, refuse to acknowledge their existence in your community, otherwise known as giving them the “cold shoulder.” Should things deteriorate even further, these lackeys will be the first to draw other types of attention from local Southern patriots.

Use politics—as far as it will take us. If tyranny can be effectively opposed by politics, then sane men will use this means to attain their goal. But what if politics fail us? If tyranny cannot be destroyed by political means, broadly defined, then only a fool would stop there and admit failure. To do so would be not only cowardly but suicidal. We must be willing to take things beyond the political realm, if necessary.


Carl von Clausewitz once wrote that “war is the continuation of politics by other means.” He was right. When political tactics fail to protect one side against the depredations of the
other, then the side that is threatened with dispossession and even death is required by necessity to resort to those “other means.” Americans—especially Southerners—are political junkies. Politics is the answer to every question. But if our warriors are willing only to engage in political warfare—and that only—then when politics fail they will have no alternative. They must be willing to accept Clausewitz’s dictum as true if they are not to be thwarted by a rigged political system in the U.S. And to depend on the GOP for salvation is suicide.

Above I gave you the example of young Western men fighting against tyranny and for their civilization in southern Africa in the 1970s. So if Western men in past times were willing to fight for their civilization in remote areas of the world shouldn’t we expect them to be just as willing to fight for that civilization here at its very heart—the South? To paraphrase the great Patrick Henry, is life so precious and peace so dear that we will purchase them with our very freedoms? Are modern Western men mere emasculated shadows of their fathers? God forbid it!

If the proper response to tyranny is to oppose it, then that necessitates that there be those willing to do the hard and dirty work of actually destroying it. And because tyranny often hides itself behind seemingly lawful regimes, its destruction requires the efforts of men whose courage overcomes the fear of being braded “outlaws,” “rebels,” and even “traitors.” Moreover, it requires men who are willing to face death or imprisonment from the heavy hand of the tyrant. In other words, it’s serious business not to be undertaken lightly.

Even if you are too old or simply not cut out to be a warrior, there are still plenty of ways you can assist those who are on the frontlines, as it were. There is an old and true saying among military men that dabblers are concerned with tactics while men of experience are concerned with logistics. If you are not able to fight you can still provide the logistics network for those who can. Use your imagination and resources to be putting this network together now!


Earlier, I quoted Bob Owens who believes were face a “creeping tyranny.” I think it should be characterized as “galloping.” Events are moving at a quickening pace. The current occupant of the White House represents one side of a counterfeit coin. That coin is an aggressive admixture of globalism, fascism-progressivism, crony capitalism, and democratic socialism all rolled into one. The traditions and truths of Western Christendom are anathema to the regime. The tyrants’ regime and Western Christendom cannot co-exist—that is not possible. One must win and the other must disappear. It is indeed the ultimate Zero Sum game.

And we, the side of Western Christendom, cannot win if we do not understand and then act upon the proper response to tyranny. Tyrants cannot be bargained with because there is no truth in them. They cannot be trusted because their wellspring is the Father of Lies. And they cannot be abided because they are dangerous beasts that devour their prey. They must be opposed—and they must for the very sake of our progeny be destroyed.

We men of the 21st century owe those young warriors in the bush of Rhodesia in the 1970s, as well as all the Western warriors through the ages who have made a stand at their own personal Battle of Tours, Lepanto, or the Gates of Vienna, a debt that can only be paid by our own sacrifice. The survival of our very civilization is at stake.

Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama