The New Red Terror, Part 3: The Narrative

The November 2019 issue of Chronicles Magazine contains a very good article on the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) in its particular—and very important—context of a battle in the war for the fate of Western Civilization. In it, the author mentioned in passing a salient fact of which I had never considered: the history of the Spanish Civil War is unique because of all the modern wars, it is the only one in which the official history has been written by the losers. Think about that. Now, the question is, why did this happen?

What Happened in Spain?

Indeed the Spanish Civil War was a very important chapter in the ongoing war between White Western Civilization and its Judeo-Marxist enemy. General Francisco Franco’s nationalist victory (with aid from both Hitler and Mussolini) over the forces of Stalin’s Republican henchmen quelled what would have been a massive Red Terror campaign against Catholic Spain. As it was, the three years of brutal civil war resulted in the Red Republicans murdering outright tens of thousand of pro-nationalists, including clergy and nuns. Christian churches were desecrated and burned by the hundreds as were the homes of nationalists and Christians. The U.S. and Britain officially stayed out of the conflict, but Communist volunteers from both, as well as from about 50 other countries, joined the conflict on the Red Republican side. The Comintern-directed International Bridges (some 40,000 men total)–whose second in command was Soviet intelligence officer Moishe Stern, a Ukrainian Jew—included about 8,000 Jews (20%). It also included the USA’s contribution to the Reds, the infamous and aptly named Abraham Lincoln Brigade, a multiracial gaggle of 2,800, in which were numbered some 900 Jews.

In other words, the Spanish Civil War had the same old cast of characters from the Left: Communist Jews and their multiracial allies (including, of course, large numbers of anti-White Whites). And even though the Red Republicans threw in the towel when the nationalist forces under France took Madrid in the spring of 1939, they realized they could “win” the postwar by controlling the flow and analysis of information. What we should call The Narrative.

Nationalism Demonized

Since the end of World War Two, all nationalists—including those “fascists” of the first half of the 20th century: Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco—have been demonized while the Judeo-Communist Left have been cast as victims or heroes, or both. Thus, the victors of the Spanish internal struggle between nationalists and Jew internationalists have suffered the same fate as would have, say, the Confederates, had we won our war for independence. In other words, it really doesn’t matter who wins the war as long as those who control The Narrative (and its surrounding support network of media, finance, academia, bureaucracy, etc.) remain unhindered by the results and can maintain control of things. And the international Jew has done that. The result is that nationalism, which is now inextricably associated with White Supremacy, continues to be cast as Evil Incarnate. This is the crux of The Narrative. Simply put, it is a war on the White man and his civilization.


Antifa (Anti-Fascist Coalition) is not new. It was born in the aftermath of World War I in the various attempts by the Judeo-Bolshevik regime in Russia to export Communism into the heart of a war-torn European continent. Antifa operates, then and now, under a shield of lies and oftentimes enjoying official protection from sympathetic authorities, both local and national. This lie that the Anti-Fascists were merely responding to the rise of hateful fascist nationalism ought to be obvious when one considers that they predated the rise of Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy, and Franco in Spain. Antifa, and all that it represents when dealing out its street violence, is the attacking arm of the Communist movement. That it is coddled and protected, and has the support these days of many in the Establishment demonstrates how control of the flow and analysis of information can determine what most people call “truth.” I’m still running into “normal” Whites who believe the official narrative of Charlottesville to be the true story. Antifa good. White nationalists bad.

The Gatekeepers and “Hate Speech”

The Judeo-Communists are not satisfied in merely controlling the flow and analysis of information from their own side of the fence. Conversely, they are determined to shut off nationalists from getting their side of the argument before the public eye. Everyone knows how since Charlottesville the online information gatekeepers in the Silicon Valley have gone to war against the Hard Right. We in The League lost our presence on Twitter and Facebook, as well as our PayPal account. But our people online are quite resilient and come back from banishment again and again. So, where is a tyrant to turn when he can’t really silence you by shutting off your access to the digital public square. He criminalizes your message as “hate speech.” That’s right, he pushes for the enactment of “hate speech” laws. In part one of this series, you learned that making “anti-Semitism” a capital crime was one of the Judeo-Bolshevik regime’s first acts after seizing power in 1917 Russia.

Now, just today, in fact (29 October), hard leftist Richard Stengel (whose assisted autobiography gave the West a distorted picture of the South African terrorist Nelson Mandela) published an editorial in The Washington Post calling for the passage of hate speech laws in the US. Of course, hate speech, as it is in Europe and Canada, would be used to shut down Whites from arguing in their own interests. Remember that the EU has already criminalized criticism of the policies of refugee resettlement in Europe. That’s right, Europeans can now be fined and imprisoned for merely questioning immigration policy, much less opposing it politically or otherwise.

The New Jew Morality

So the New Red Terror finds it absolutely essential to their plan to destroy the West to control The Narrative from both sides. They construct that narrative with what Donald Trump has so accurately called “fake news,” and they protect their mountain of lies by depriving Whites of channels for their own story and by even going so far as to criminalize that story. Remember also that in Europe you can study every episode of history except the Holocaust. Further research and analysis of that historical event had been made into a criminal offense (unless the new facts support the The Narrative). German researcher and grandmother, Ursula Haverback, will spend her 91st birthday in a German prison for articulating unapproved thoughts about the Holocaust.

It is no stretch to say that a Jew elite has hijacked American morality—which is many ways was the old Southern morality based on Christianity—and made their values into the norm. This is central to The Narrative in order to make normal Americans, especially Southerners, look like “extremists.” So any deviation from those moral norms by White extremists, whether it be in the form of racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, male chauvinism, homophobia, etc., is a secular sin and the sinner warrants some degree of punishment. Currently, it is most often “doxxing” and all that that exposure entails. But if they have their way, it will sooner rather than later be criminal.

Telling the Truth

A logical way of warding off the effects of The Narrative is to suspect that whatever story it puts forward as true is likely a lie, and often one of those infamous Big Lies of which we were once warned. As a student of history, I have had the opportunity to spend much of my life examining certain historical “truths.” Many, such as our own War Between the States and World War Two, two conflicts which have been at the heart of determining our future as Southerners, can best be understood by first throwing out virtually everything written by official “court” historians and then doing your own research into the extant literature of the era, both readily available (David Irving, for instance) and obscure. And always question the current day’s “news” as suspect. ABC News, for instance, was recently caught trying to pass off video footage of a gun range in Kentucky as a Turkish attack on the Kurds in northern Syria. There is nothing about which these people won’t lie in order to advance The Agenda, which is of course The Narrative’s ultimate purpose.

If we are to combat The New Red Terror, we first must help our people to stop believing its lies. Because our enemy controls most of the opinion-shaping media that will not be an easy task. But remember this: what they call “hate speech” is really “truth.” And truth, especially the fundamental truths about human nature and history, are hard to suppress forever. We, as Southern nationalists, know how our lives should be ordered and the moral code necessary for that proper ordering. We must not allow the Communist Jew and his allies to determine what we believe. If we do, our future as a distinct people will be a bleak one indeed. If we relentlessly campaign for truth among our people and get our story out to them, we can take a big step toward defeating The Narrative and the New Red Terror that it supports.

Michael Hill, Killen, Alabama, 2019

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