The Narrative

Michael Hill a great day for Southern Nationalism 19 May 2014Have you heard the name Amanda Blackburn? Perhaps, but only if you’ve paid attention. Mrs. Blackburn, a preacher’s pregnant wife, was raped and murdered in her Indianapolis home on 10 November, allegedly by three negro men who are now under arrest for the crime. But hey, #whitelivesdonotmatter! At least not to the progressive left.

As you probably know by now, the US elite media is not really interested in the country-wide epidemic of black-on-white violent crime. You see, it does not fit “the narrative” set forth by the progressive establishment in America. We are supposed to hear only that #blacklivesmatter and that blacks need “safe spaces” to segregate themselves from all the threats they face everyday from white people exercising “white privilege.” Threats like having to read books written by old dead white men. What’s the rape and murder of pregnant white women compared to that?

But the truth is that white people actually need some relief from the black crime wave that is sweeping the country. But only people like us are saying that. That the controlled media has turned truth upon its head is merely a symptom of something more and more white people are coming to realize: the USA is so infected with perversity, lies, and darkness that it is beyond reformation and redemption. The official leftist narrative of black (or non-white) as good and white (Euro-Christian) as bad has left whites with stark choices: either fight back or become extinct in the land your fathers built.

We Southern nationalists have seen this day coming for more than two decades. Our goal all that time has been to get the Southern nation (the Southern people) and our lands (the Southern States) out from under the corrupt and criminal DC regime. We seek the survival, well-being, and independence of the South. With our existence secured, only then will we be in a position to fight successfully to protect our interests. Then we can disinfect everything from the streets to the corporate boardrooms to the college classrooms to remove the vermin that works ceaselessly to destroy us.

Michael Hill