The League of the South takes its Southern nationalist message to Moscow

New Russia flag July 2014Dr. Michael Hill, President of The League of the South, spoke (by Skype) at the Anti-Globalist Movement’s international conference in Moscow (Russian Federation) on Saturday, 13 December. The main theme of the conference was “The Right of People for Self-Determination and Constructing a Multipolar World.”

Hill discussed The League of the South and its goal of the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people and how the South’s identity as an historic “blood and soil” nation conflicts with the current globalist agenda of the USA regime. He emphasized the importance of The League’s work not only in preserving a particular people living on a particular land, but also its direct Southern nationalist challenge to the political, economic, and financial engine of globalism—the Washington, DC/European Union alliance.

The speech was very well received (through a translator) by the largely Russian audience. Below is the text of a press release detailing the conference.


International panel discussion “National Dialogue: Right of people for self-determination and construction of the multipolar world”
Moscow, Russia. 13 December 2014

An event organized by the Anti-globalist movement of Russia will pass in format of one day conference. It will include representatives of international socio-political organizations, advocating principles of multipolar world. On the agenda, the following topics:
– methods of resisting ideology of global domination;
– struggle for independence and creation of new sovereign geopolitical entities on the map of the world;
– US and EU governments policy of undermining sovereignty of independent states, by organizing “colored” revolutions, economic blackmail, political pressure, etc.

Our panel discussion will include delegations from Venezuela, Iran, Italia, Catalonia, Novorossia, USA, Flanders, France, etc. Famous Russian social and political leaders, human rights activists, members of Russian parliament and other honorable guests are expected to appear. . . .

The Event will occur on Saturday, 13th December, at 1:00 PM GMT/UTC +3 (Moscow time) in Conference Hall #7 of Alpha Hotel (Izmailovo Hotel Complex), located at the following address: Moscow, Izmailovskoe shosse, 71/A.
Registration of speakers, guests and media representatives will begin at 11: 30 AM.