The League appeals to Southerners in Jackson, Mississippi

Georgia League of the South Vice Chairman William Flowers spoke before a crowd in Jackson, Mississippi. His account and video of his speech can be seen below:

On July 6, 2015 I joined our good friends and fellow Southerners to attend the Magnolia Heritage Campaign’s ‘Confederate Flag and Heritage Rally’ which was hosted by organizers Chad Scott and Jeremy Walls at the Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson. The event included several speakers and around 50 – 60 demonstrators in attendance. The rally was organized primarily to bring attention to state legislators and all Mississippians regarding the widespread support and approval for keeping the current state flag in light of recent demonstrations calling for it’s removal. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to address the attendees about the League of the South’s message of Southern Nationalism and secession, as well as several other topics. The speech was well received by the majority of demonstrators and many of them expressed interest in exploring the merits of Southern Nationalism. I encouraged all of them join us in the fight against Cultural Marxism and the ongoing struggle to free our beloved Southern homeland.