The lawless left

GOP 2016 TrumpWhile The League of the South does not endorse Donald Trump or any other candidate for national office, we do watch his campaign closely for the simple reason that it marks a dividing line in American politics between the hard left and those who are sick and tired of political correctness and all it has spawned.

The cancellation of a Trump rally in Chicago last evening (11 March) by a coalition of leftist groups demonstrates the lawlessness and chaos from which we wish to secede. Mark our words–such leftist tactics, including physical violence against white people, will become more and more commonplace, even in the South. It will be encouraged or at the very least ignored, by The Establishment simply because it is part of their plan to destroy Western Christian civilization.

If the South, ordered liberty, prosperity, and our traditional civilization is to be preserved, Southerners must get on board with our Southern nationalist movement for the survival, well-being, and independence of all those things we hold dear.

Michael Hill