The Fall of the Empire

The American Empire is dying, and that process is pretty far along. The end is inevitable, made obvious day after day by signs that even “normies” can’t fail to see. And $5 a gallon gas and food shortages are just the beginning.What we are witnessing right now is a sea change in history. The end of an era and the beginning of another.

When the American Empire, and the perverted Western liberal democracy that it upholds, comes falling down, what will replace it? What will fill the vacuum?Since the end of WWII, despite an overblown and over-hyped Cold War with the USSR (1945-1991), the United States, and all those pulled in its mighty wake, has been by far the most dominant force in the world by every geopolitical and economic measure. The world had one real Superpower. It was a unilateral world system that dominated, especially after the inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The US pretty much did whatever it wanted. After all, who was going to stop it? What it did was to corrupt the world morally and attempt to enslave it financially.

Now, with the vacuum that will be left by the fall of the American Empire, we will see a world in which there will be multiple locations of power. Russia will create its own, as will China (which will take back Taiwan). India, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Brazil. and other very populous countries will have their own arrangements to work out.

Meanwhile, what will the implosion mean for America itself? What will the debris pile look like once it’s settled? With all the hatred being stirred up against Whites in the US, I would imagine it won’t be a picnic for us or anyone who opposes us.

So while there’s still time, I think it would be a good idea if the Southern states (as well as other historic regions) looked into the idea of secession and independence. First, as a lifeboat and next as a really smart thing to do for a prosperous and free future. The South would be an economic powerhouse in the emerging new geopolitical configuration of the world. And yes, we in The League have the facts and figures to prove this. Back around 2000, we released a very well-received study called The South As Its Own Nation. We made a good argument that has gotten even stronger over the last two decades.

In fact, a new Southern Republic might just do what the US, Russia, Europe, and the rest of the White world ought to have done in 2000. And that is to form a Northern Alliance of all the world’s White countries against threats from the emerging Third World. Jews and other liberals/communists would hate this. But who cares? For us, this makes much more sense than the jew-inspired “Brothers’ Wars” we’ve seen over the last century. NATO v. Russia falls into this stupid category. With the jew status quo, we lose.

A South, free and independent of the American Empire and its anti-White jew influence, in whatever configurations become possible and desirable after the detritus of the liberal order is swept off the playing field, will be much better off than what we are experiencing individually and collectively as Southerners right at this moment. A new world is emerging. We need to position ourselves to take best advantage of the big changes headed our way. Deo vindice!–Michael Hill