The “Erasing Hate” campaign

battle flag and SN flag combined July 2015On 1 August 2015, the Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) introduced its so-called “Erasing Hate” campaign. Here is the basic premise of the campaign: “to identify and eliminate government-sanctioned symbols honoring the Confederacy. Please send examples in your community.”

So, the SPLC is going after every “public” symbol that in any way honors the Confederacy; moreover, they are asking their supporters to help them identify the offending “symbols.” And they are not talking only about the most recognizable symbol of the Confederacy, the battle flag. They are also “looking for Confederate statues or monuments; flags; government seals; patches on government uniforms; the names of parks, streets, schools, military bases or counties; school mascots; and other examples.”

The SPLC is helping foment cultural genocide against the traditional, white South. And, as history shows, cultural genocide is often a precursor to physical genocide. It is time for all Southerners, no matter to what organization they pledge their loyalty (if any), to put away the weak and ineffective “Heritage Not Hate” motto and replace it with “No Quarter.” This is the start of our fight for survival against an enemy that is set upon our destruction as a people.

To counter this diabolical campaign, we suggest that Southerners–not our enemies–define the meaning of our own symbols and proudly proclaim them as part of our identity. These symbols, though historic in nature, have meaning as contemporary expressions of our worth and dignity as a distinct people with a unique and sublime culture.

The SPLC’s hateful “Erasing Hate” campaign is but the latest example of left-wing racial, ethnic, and cultural bigotry against the South. Our flags, monuments, statues, and heroes whose names grace everything from streets, parks, and school mascots are still part of who we are as Southerners in 2015. They make up a large part of our particular identity. These things are just as valid to us today as they were to our ancestors some 150 years ago. The symbols of the traditional South still represent to most of the world resistance to centralized tyranny and the greed, materialism, and decadence of the American Empire. They also stand for a healthy and humane Christian society.

For every flag or other symbol that is removed from the public square by the enemies of the white South, let us as private organizations and individuals put up a thousand to replace it. And let us also remind our Southern friends and neighbors that secession and independence will put an end to this sort of evil campaign for good!

This is a fight we must, and shall, win for ourselves and our posterity.

Michael Hill

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  1. I’m pretty sure voting someone new into office, having a rally/demonstration, or passing some type of referendum is not going to change where this is headed?

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