The disease of Globalism and its antidote

Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, some of us have learned one salient lesson: Globalism is the real disease at work, and we are all paying the price. If we wish to get things back to normal and keep them there, there is only one logical antidote for this illness: Nationalism.

And Nationalism begins at the fundamental, local level. With families, communities, towns and cities, counties, and states. It has nothing to do with global entities or the trappings of internationalism.

For centuries, our people (in particular Southerners) have been a rural, agrarian people who lived healthy lives in the natural world a merciful God gave to us to tend and preserve as good stewards. Even our cities were inhabited by country folks who moved into “town” in order to engage in business and commerce for the benefit of our civilization in general. I remember the character of Atlanta, for instance, even as late as the 1960s. It was nothing but a big country town.

But all that changed somewhere along the way. Our manufacturing jobs were outsourced to the Third World and we were told that the future was an international system based on “free trade” and multiculturalism. It was to be a secular utopia in which we would all be equal, free, and happy. Except it was all a Big Lie.

Now the Big Lie has been exposed by this coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, we now ought to understand that an alien elite (largely Jews), while we innocently and trustingly went about our business of living, working, and worshiping, had taken over our country and plundered it for their own benefit. Never again should we trust anyone but ourselves–White men and women–to run the affairs of our civilization.

What I’m advocating is a thorough and immediate return to Nationalism as the solution to the pandemic and its aftermath. This of course means that Globalism must end up on the trash heap of history. Only by regaining control of our own destiny and driving out the alien and his harmful ideology–a virus even more dangerous than the biological one with which we are now dealing–can we assure a safe and prosperous future for ourselves and our posterity. We dare not squander the opportunity a good and gracious God has given us at this particular moment in history. Hail Nationalism and to hell with Globalism!

Michael Hill