The crisis of our time

LS black and white image with shield July 2014As I write, the major governments of Europe are busy decrying “hate speech” by their own citizens. They are doing this in the wake of the New Year’s Eve assault and rape outbreak by Middle Eastern and African “refugees” against young white women. One official in Cologne, Germany, called the anti-immigrant responses from his fellow German nationals as bad as the rapes and assaults themselves.

Yes, you read it correctly. The governments of Germany, Sweden, Finland, Austria, and other European countries are more concerned with “hate speech” against non-white “refugees” than with the safety and well-being of their own citizens. What sort of insanity is this?

This is the sort of insanity you get when you elect people such as Angela Merkel to lead you. Frau Merkel, and indeed most of Europe’s elected officials, are firmly committed to the leftist, anti-white, anti-Christian principles that now prevail all across the Western world–what we used to call Christendom. Indeed, most of Europe’s ruling class seeks the destruction of their own civilization in the name of political correctness. I admire the attempts by disarmed Europeans to fight back against the “refugees” in Germany and elsewhere. But I think their attention is misplaced by only going into the streets. A much more effective tactic would be to target the traitors among their own political ruling class. They need to be taught that treason bears a high price.

If you believe that my description of the crisis in Europe is hyperbole, consider this: A spokesman for the Hessen Interior Ministry confirmed the policy of the German police keeping quiet about crimes committed by refugees against native Germans. “The press office managers were advised that right wing extremists could exploit the issue of refugees in order to stoke sentiment against people seeking protection,” said the spokesman (from Das Bild, 8 January 2016). The same has been done in Sweden.

This reminds me of what a representative of ABC News told me back in the 1990s. I asked him why his network refused to acknowledge the ever-increasing number of black-on-white violent crimes. He said it would give fuel to right-wing “racists.” “So if the truth supports the position of right-wing ‘racists’,” I asked, “you simply won’t report the truth?” “Something like that,” he admitted. Some things never change, one of them being the left’s penchant for lying to advance their agenda.

Most prominent US politicians in both parties are cut from the same cloth as Angela Merkel. Therefore, we can expect the same things to be acted out on these shores in good time. In fact, the on-going epidemic of black-on-white violent crime, the increasing number of violent acts done here in the name of Allah and jihad, and the ever-porous US Southern border, all give a bitter foretaste of what is to come when the growing anti-white wave reaches our hemisphere. And even if that is years in coming (it’s likely to be much sooner), we already have enough problems with minority disorder. Only a fool would consent to give up his firearms with such a future looming on horizon. Yet the disarmament of whites seems to be a major part of the regime’s agenda.

Why are whites in Europe and America bent on their own self-destruction? That question has puzzled me for decades, and I still cannot fathom it. Anti-white whites are nothing if not suicidal, and here’s why. Being possessed by some sort of pathological altruism absent in the other races, they wrongly project this characteristic onto all others, regardless of race or creed. They believe, perhaps sincerely, that once they and their children and grandchildren become a minority themselves, then they will be treated with the same politically correct altruism they have shown non-white minorities. But to be blunt, that’s not going to happen. Other races take care of their own. If whites are to survive, we must do the same.

Other races have been taught that white gentiles are really “white devils” deserving of contempt and eradication. How else can one account for the prevailing attitude of non-whites toward whites? It is hatred of the purest sort, and it is demonstrated on the mean streets of Europe and America every day. Not a day goes by without multiple stories of non-white-on-white deviltry somewhere in the heretofore “civilized world.”

The anti-white program, writ large, is supported by virtually every government in the West, including the US government. Most whites choose to ignore this fact as far as they are able. But it has become too large to ignore in 2016. It is indeed the proverbial 800-pound gorilla in the room.

So what do whites do? In our case, we are particularly concerned with the plight of whites in the South. Yes, we still have some control at the local and State levels in Dixie; however, the feds have cajoled and threatened to the point that many Southern political office holders either 1) desire to be like their superiors in DC or 2) are scared out of their wits by federal threats. Neither scenario gives folks like us much hope for the future. Thus, salvation by politics seems a very long shot indeed.

But we do still have hope. The first thing we should do, as a people (truly, a “nation”), is repent and serve the Lord of Hosts again. Secondly, we should come face to face with the realization that we are in this fight alone from a temporal standpoint. I have said more times than I can count that if the great Muslim-killer Charles Martel should return to dwell among us, he would first have to fight his own (French) government. Only then could he turn his attention to the Islamic hordes. That is shameful but true.

The same applies to us Southerners when we try to stand against the on-going minority crime wave. Black criminals have made increasingly large sections of such cities as Birmingham, Memphis, and New Orleans, among others, no-go zones for white folks. And the more minorities—black, mestizo, and Muslim—are encouraged in the name of “civil rights” and “equality” by the professional political class, the more danger there will be for whites in trying to reclaim the civilization built by their forebears.

Once we realize we are in a war, that we can expect no help from the “authorities,” and that the foe is dead set on replacing us, then we can get down to business. We can organize ourselves for the “survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people.” And we can train ourselves to become Southern nationalist warriors. That has been The League’s mission now for over two decades.

Michael Hill