1. It makes me happy to have witnessed and taken part in the naming process of this glorious banner, long may it wave!

  2. Oh, I like that name as well. Several nicknames to pick from hasn’t done other flags any harm.

    1. The Black Cross denotes the seriousness of the issue. I can not think of a more drastic response to the rainbow reprobates. It signifies our ability to understand right and wrong, the absolute that we Southern Nationalist offer to the Southern family. As the nation waivers on moral issues, we offer a clear vision of family and folk.

  3. It’s heartening, Dr. Hill, to see so much progress made in so little time. Truth be told, many years ago, I’d really lost hope, though not “the flame”.

    It’s a powerful symbol, I pray it becomes a sight that strikes both hope or fear into the folks who need it most.

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