Why Texas would be better off as a free republic….

Texas would be better off as a free republic in many ways. First, the taxes paid to the federal government by Texas would now be staying in Texas. In 2007, this amounted to $225,390,904,000 . The most recent Texas State budget amounted to $182,000,000,000. By shifting the location to where these tax monies go, Texas could operate effectively on the monies currently paid in taxes to the federal government without increasing any taxes itself. The monies currently collected for Texas’s use could then be used to pay down debt and national defense.

As a republic Texas could protect its own borders effectively and set up a sound immigration policy to replace the current federally-mandated one. Texas would also be free to deport illegal immigrants. A Lone Star republic would also be able to refuse services to illegal immigrants, which currently drains State resources to the tune of $4.3 billion annually. A refusal of services to illegal aliens and their families would force them into a track of seeking legal immigration status. Texas needs population growth. With Texas in control of immigration policy, the future of her demographic make-up could be managed in Austin rather than in Washington, DC. This means that the needs of Texas would take priorities over political paybacks to ungrateful nations whose children we school and immigrants we are forced to absorb under the US plan. Presently, unfunded federal mandates cost Texas over $4 billion each year. This kind of burden hurts educational effectiveness and slows economic growth.

In terms of national defense, Texas could provide the manpower to protect its national interests. Rather than having our sons and daughters fighting imperialistic wars, they would be kept in Texas to protect our sovereignty and borders. With Texas as a free republic, there would not be obligations or treaties to protect other overseas nations unless Texans wanted there to be. By going independent, we would keep out of foreign entanglements and wars. Texas sons and daughters would not have to die in jungles and deserts around the world based on fuzzy foreign policy or defending a UN agenda.

Regarding technology, the fighter airplane plants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and other factories would provide Texas with state-of-the-art defensive capabilities, including combat vehicles, missiles, ships, and avionics. Presently 65% of the united States defense contractors are located in Texas. When a policy of defense rather than offense is sought, the type of weapons needs also change. Texas could become the world leader in military technology.

Texas would not need a fleet of carriers to patrol the seven seas or bases in the Indian Ocean like Diego Garcia. Maintaining a presence in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic would adequately provide for our defensive needs. With the shipyard facilities in Texas, such vessels could be constructed within the republic. Texas is poised to be a player in space technology as well, although it would need to work with other nations in launching its own satellites.

In the area of energy, Texas could provide for its own needs without the federal red tape currently in place. A Lone Star republic could develop its own oil fields within its own land boundaries and offshore. Texas already produces 1/3 of the petroleum in the U.S. The Texas oil fields would be able to improve their productivity. The petroleum produced would also be a valuable export that could be traded with other nations. Texas also has its own electrical grid, which could be maintained independent of other nations, such as the US.

In the areas of banking and economics Texas has many large banking interests already in place. She is already the largest exporter of goods in the United States. By going independent, that trade would increase rather than decrease.

In terms of trade, the Port of Houston is already the sixth largest in the world. Texas has three of the 10 largest US ports located in our borders. The air cargo facility at DFW is viewed as one of the world’s best. We already have more farms and more farm acreage than any other state. Transitioning to an independent republic would be easily accomplished without major interruptions in agriculture, trade or economics.

Texas also has its own culture, cuisine, art, music, and literature. These areas are important in establishing a national identity. With these items already in place, the transition from forced Statehood within the Union to independence could be accomplished easily in terms of having a separate culture and identity.

All in all, Texas would be served better in providing for the well being of its citizens, national defense, economic stability, education, and trade as a sovereign, independent republic than as a part of a sinking imperial union. Leaving the Union would remove many of the restraints and shackles from a powerful nation that has been held back. Texas would be allowed to blossom and achieve its fullest potential as a separate republic. It will never reach its full potential as a subservient political sub-district in this current bankrupt Union.

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