Take it down and keep it flying!

US flag Take it Down June 2015battleflEverywhere leftists are calling for the removal of the Confederate battle flag, especially at the State House in Columbia, SC.

We in The League of the South agree that a flag should be taken down. Not the most recognizable historic flag of the South but the flag of our occupiers for the last 150 years. Yes, the one to the far right over there! That ugly gridiron now stands for multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity–the left’s unholy trinity. It also stands for Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Dolezal, and every other fraud and pervert who is held up as an example of “courage” in 2015 America. It represents the homosexual agenda, open borders and Third World immigration, a culture that is an open sewer, perpetual war for perpetual profit, among many other enormities.

In sharp contrast, our beautiful battle flag (near right, of course!) stands for the heroic effort our people made 150 years ago to avoid the fate were are experiencing today. And, God willing, it will be the banner that flies over the fight that gains us our liberty in the 21st century!

Michael Hill


  1. I agree with League of the South. I’m in California and wish I wasn’t. Can I be a Southerner and live in California? Dixie

  2. A flag is a flag – isn’t it?

    No – it is a symbol of identity, of who you are, your history and tradition.

    But flags also carry the weight of their own history! As an Englishman I have great pride in my flag, the Cross of Saint George – otherwise known as the George Cross [not the union flag] but different groups have hijacked our national flag resulting in many people considering the ‘flag’ to be a symbol of hatred, violence and intolerance.

    Your flag, indeed my flag – should be the symbol of our people, of those with a common heritage, spirit, tradition and set of values. We all need to stand up for what we believe and promote a clear message; the multicultural experiment has failed – a new system is needed!

    1. I’m in California. Can I be a southerner or member of League of the South if I live in California? Dixie

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