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League speaks at Stone Mountain

Several hundred Southerners gathered at Stone Mountain, Georgia to stand against the ongoing cultural genocide against all things Southern. Several League of the South members attended the rally. Georgia Chapter


League speaks at Confederate memorial rally in Birmingham

League members attended a Confederate memorial rally in Birmingham this weekend. Some of them gave speeches. Here is Georgia Vice Chairman William Flowers:


The League appeals to Southerners in Jackson, Mississippi

Georgia League of the South Vice Chairman William Flowers spoke before a crowd in Jackson, Mississippi. His account and video of his speech can be seen below: On July 6,


William Flowers addresses flag rally in Montgomery (video)

William Flowers, Vice-Chairman of the Georgia League of the South, addressing the 1000 or so supporters of the South at the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery. Mr. Flowers articulated the


Flag rally in Montgomery

The League of the South supported a Confederate flag rally at the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery (Saturday, 27 June). According to reports from attendees, some 1000 Southerners turned out