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(The world saw this flag, front and center, in Charlottesville in August 2017. We are very proud of our banner, which symbolizes the historic South by the St. Andrews Cross


LS black cross SN flag lapel pins are ready to order!

As the pins (see photo at right) are now in production, orders will take a few weeks to fill; however, you can secure yours now by doing the following: Place


A good inauguration

I will not be happy with an inauguration until I hear “Dixie” played and see the battle flag and Southern nationalist flag proudly displayed. Michael Hill


Two Flags over Dixie

The League of the South. Our past & our present and future! These things will not be stolen from us by a policy of Cultural Genocide. We will fight together


A flag for the League

In late August 2013, The League of the South conducted the first in what is now a year-long series of street demonstrations. Gathering in the little South Georgia town of