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A Name and Place Among the Nations

A thousand voices opine for a thousand solutions. This is, it seems, a fair assessment of the Southern nationalist movement, largely writ, over the past quarter century. But the central


The League and Southern identity

Over the past two weeks or so, there has been a concerted attack by the Cultural Marxists against the Southern people and their traditional culture. The attacks at first were


Thoughts on the 4th of July, AD 2015

Thoughts on the 4th of July, AD 2015 Mark A Thomey, Board of Directors The League of the South “The worst derangement of the spirit is to believe things because


William Flowers addresses flag rally in Montgomery (video)

William Flowers, Vice-Chairman of the Georgia League of the South, addressing the 1000 or so supporters of the South at the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery. Mr. Flowers articulated the