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Enjoy it while you can . . .

Congratulations, Leftists, you have won. You have taken over the West and now your worldview is triumphant. Europe, America, and the other former lands of Christendom lie in your grasp.


Propositionalism or nationalism

A man is either a propositionalist or a nationalist. There is no middle ground. You either believe in an abstraction such as equality or democracy or you believe in the


Southerners and the GOP

If you are a conservative, traditionalist Southerner who opposes the direction in which America is headed, you ought not put any faith in the GOP. It was the party that


Firearms and Southern independence

For some reason, I find myself thinking of firearms and associated topics at the end of one year and the start of another. I suppose I still link the subject


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from The League of the South. “The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.” For us, they are sure hopes; for our godless


We are the resistance!

As another year fades away, The League of the South stands as the only organized Southern resistance to the on-going tyranny of the Progressives. Both major political parties are corrupt

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Why do you hate America?

Occasionally, folks who read my pro-secession, pro-Southern independence essays and articles and hear my speeches will send me a private query that can properly be summed up as such: “Why


The GOP victory at the polls

A word on the GOP victory at the polls The GOP has no excuses now that they control both houses of Congress. Once their new majorities are seated, they can


Confrontation v. conciliation: The United States of America out of the South

Southern nationalism does not aim for the South to leave the United States. Rather, it must aim for the United States to leave the South. The South is not part


Independence: the South’s only option

How are things going for you, Mr. and Mrs. Southerner? You are being forced into a “health care” system—ObamaCare–designed to provide worse service for more money; you are being spied