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Queer empire

On 26 June 2015, the USA become The Queer Empire. As Christian Southerners, we want no part of such an abomination. This is one more reason, albeit a major one,


A statement on “gay marriage”

The US Supreme Court has upheld the “right” of “gay marriage.” The League of the South invites all Southerners and our allies elsewhere who understand the wickedness of this ruling


Secession . . . now!

The Confederate battle flag, along with our other cultural icons, is not merely an historical banner that represents the South. It is a shorthand symbol of our very ethnic identity


An invitation to the party

We in The League of the South have been saying now for over two decades that the way to solve the attacks on our symbols, culture, and heritage is by


A personal note

On my way home from the gym this morning, I started thinking about how the “progressive” left demonizes us with the most wild and vicious rants. Of course, they criticize


In defense of our blood (reposted)

Shortly after we formed The League in 1994, I was a guest on the Alan Colmes radio show on WABC in New York. Colmes, who at that time was the


“Give me liberty”–An independence summit

Over the weekend of 6 June, the Florida League of the South hosted its annual State Conference in Jacksonville. The “Give Me Liberty- An Independence Summit” was well attended by


Florida LS Independence Summit in Jacksonville

The Florida League of the South will host an Independence Summit in Jacksonville on Saturday, June 6th. The summit will be held at the Jacksonville Public Library, West Regional Branch,


A simple, undeniable observation

Our Southern forebears who stood against the “civil rights” movement in the 1950s and 1960s were right. Then, a white mother and her children could walk safely down the streets


Agenda for 2015 League of the South National Conference

Agenda for 2015 League of the South National Conference “We Are a People: The Meaning of Southern Nationalism” 24-25 July in Wetumpka, Alabama, at the Alabama LS Headquarters building (The