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On Afghanistan and refugees

The League of the South is glad to see the last Southerner leave that Godforsaken “Graveyard of Empires,” otherwise known as Afghanistan. As far back as the days of Alexander


Berlin Christmas Market attack

At least 12 were killed and some 50 injured in Berlin when a large truck (reportedly with headlights off) plowed through a Christmas Market on the evening of 19 December.


The crisis of our time

As I write, the major governments of Europe are busy decrying “hate speech” by their own citizens. They are doing this in the wake of the New Year’s Eve assault


Charles Martel

The on-going invasion of Europe by thousands of “refugees” has once again brought forth the name of Charles Martel–Charles the Hammer–who saved Europe from the Muslim hordes by winning the



For several days now, I have watched video and read various reports concerning the on-going invasion of Europe from the Middle East and Africa. It’s not just Syrians who are