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Enjoy it while you can

Congratulations, Leftists, You have won. You have taken over the West and now your worldview is triumphant. Europe, America, and the other former lands of Christendom lie within your grasp.



While millions of white men in the South are trying to explain why they are not “racists,” the SPLC, ADL, NAACP, GOP, the Democrats, and the US government are destroying


If the South was Right then why are there Rainbow Confederates?

“Could there be any victory more complete than to have the descendants of one’s own defeated foes embrace the victor’s principles and repudiate those of their ancestors?”—Samuel Francis Several years


Our survival as a people

Political correctness, since its Marxist-inspired inception early in the 20th century, has blamed the world’s problems on the Christian white Man, and whites generally have meekly acquiesced to the supposed


For your 4th of July reading pleasure

THE TREASON OF THE ELITES Southerner, do you curl up in the corner and tremble in fear when someone calls you a “racist?” Neither do we. Because the enemies of